Creating Facebook App for posting


I tried the wiki tutorial for creating a new facebook app that my pod users can crosspost to facebook.
The error message on connection with facebook is: the domain of this url is not present at in the app domains.

But I´ve added my pod domain to app domains, I´ve added the url to the input field of website plattform and added it at the domain manager under advanced settings.

Has anyone experience with this and can help me? It seems that something changed since the tutorial creation at the diaspora wiki.

I´ve got figured out the solution by myself.

  1. you need to add facebook login to your products within the app
  2. set the following url at Valid OAuth Redirect URIs https:///auth/facebook/callback
  3. set your pod domain at basic settings

Oh, well done. I’m glad you managed to solve this.

Would you mind checking out our wiki article about this and updating anything that is no longer correct?

Facebook sometimes changes something needed in the auth process and breaks everything for Diaspora. Hope that’s OK, and thanks in advance.

I´ve edited your wiki page.