Delete a reshare from (publication view of) the original post single-post view


I have not found a way to delete a reshare I made from its publication page. No trash icon. I could only do it in the flux view.

Would it be simple to add this feature ?

Are you sure? When you move your cursor over the post, a grey ‘trash’ icon (a rubbish bin) should appear in the top right-hand corner. This is the same with any post you make, reshare or ‘original content’.

I’ve just tested it by resharing a post and deleting it, and it works fine.
If you’re using the mobile view, the trash icon is to the right of your name at the foot of the post (you don’t have to hover to see it in mobile view). Again, I’ve just tested that and it works.

If you genuinely don’t see a trash icon anywhere in either view, it might be worth contacting your podmin, as the code to delete reshares and other posts in the main stream is there and working.

What do you mean by “its publication page”?

I assumed that Elm meant the stream with the publisher at the top of it. But I now realise I was wrong, and that is what they meant by ‘the flux view’. Perhaps by ‘publication page’ they mean the single-post view. But the trash icon is there in single-post view in both desktop and mobile versions.

One thought: @elm, are you referring to the experience when using an app? If so, you’re asking in the wrong place. There is no official app for Diaspora, and no apps are supported. You would have to contact the developers of the individual app.

Hi, and thank you for your concern. I kind of lost track of this thread I started and am not able to reproduce nor understand what I wanted to mean at that time. I should have been more accurate for that. Sorry so.
I’am not on any app. Just the web on desktop.
The thing I could guess from that is that I was on the original post that I had reshared, wanted to delete my reshared post without having the link to it (lost in my profile flux) and was not able to do so by clicking the reshare icone the way one can un-like a liked post by clicking again on the icon. Not sure why i wanted to do so though and if it would be really usefull.