Delete And Repost Feature

I understand that it’s a lot of hard work developers need to do in order to make it so we can edit posts, there’s a lot more involved than just editing a post. So I wanted to suggest something I saw on mastodon that might work, for now at least, until editing posts becomes available.

We already can delete posts without issue, can we have a button that just says, “Delete and Repost” which deletes the original post, and then opens up the ‘new post’ box with your previous post’s contents already put into it? If you cancel, then the original post is just deleted and no new post is created, but if you so choose, you can edit your initial post here and make the post again. It’s not the ‘edit’ feature, but it seems simple enough to not require a TON of coding to get done. What do you guys think?


Good thinking.

At the very bare bones, and option to reveal the raw text, with Markdown code, of your own posts and comments would make deleting and reposting a lot easier.

I’d say this is only worth it if full post editing is still a long way off – unless you see a separate use for this feature.

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I think, but may be wrong, that the back end on edits is further along but the UI part is not even started. I may have had happy ears when I was combing over those topics back a couple months ago though.