Delete User Option

Being a new podmin, I have made several mistakes, one of which has been screwing up the www. portion of my url, breaking federation between pod nodes in the federation. The issue I kept running into was that every time I made a change, I had to make a new account because I was testing from another particular server ( to my server ( Diasp>org already contained my username, and so it configured it incorrectly due to my own incorrect configuration.

This meant I had to make a NEW account on my server to reflect the new and correct settings. As it stands, I have four active accounts throughout the federation, and I’d like to remove three of them.

However, there’s no way for me to know how far my username has gone, and which servers should delete my accounts from them. I’d like to request a feature to allow federation-wide account deletion upon user or admin request. Something that will update and remove accounts from local systems once they’ve been tagged as ‘que for delete’, etc. Obviously they’d have to propagate throughout the federation, but at least it’d be on its way.

Thoughts? Is it possible to implement something like this sooner rather than later?

You can already delete accounts from other pods, but only with the valid key. If you deleted the keys of the users you want to delete (which you did, because you deleted the database), you can’t remove this accounts anymore, because you can’t proof that you are the real owner of these accounts. That behavior is by design to prevent identity theft. Also, when you delete an account, it doesn’t mean that it’s available again, an account can only exist once and never again.

Well that’s a bummer.