Demande d'aide pour connection

Bonjour - j’ai été forcée de changer de mail et maintenant je ne parviens plus à me connecter sur mon blog : qui est propulsé par *Diaspora.
Comment puis-je faire pour faire reconnaître ma nouvelle adresse ? Car manifestement mon blog n’a pas retenu la nouvelle adresse quand j’ai fait le changement.
Merci pour l’aide. J’espère être au bon endroit.

Mon nouveau mail pour me répondre est : [redacted]

Hello - I was forced to change my email and now I can no longer connect to my blog: which is powered by * Diaspora.
How can I get my new address recognized? Because obviously my blog did not remember the new address when I made the change.
Thanks for the help. I hope to be in the right place.

Hello, Visle. I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems.
Because diaspora* is decentralised, only the person who runs the ‘pod’ (server) on which your account is hosted can help you.
Hopefully you have a note of their name and/or contact details. I have just had a look and cannot find any details of the pod’s admin in the places I’d expect to find it.
Did you keep the email you received when you originally opened the account? That might include a means to contact the admin.
If not, you’ll have to hope that someone who knows the admin of that pod sees this message.
I hope this helps, but if not, I hope someone else can help.

thanks for the help

I had a contact with an administrator whose address I found again … but for the moment nothing works.

maybe this blog will stop.

I don’t know yet - we are investigating why the email and the new password are not working.

If you have ideas please give them :wink:

Hi @Visle,

Can you please try to log in using your username visle instead of your e-mail address? Thank you.

Hello @Flaburgan

I just connected with

  • visle and

  • the new password

It works !

Thank you very much very much :slight_smile:

One question remains:

how do I change the mail?

[redacted] is no longer valid

and when I wanted to change for [redacted] the information to connect did not arrive.

Thank you for telling me if you have an idea otherwise it doesn’t matter I leave it to you … you do so many

things. Many thanks already!

@Visle just one point: you might not want to post your email addresses on this public forum. You can edit your messages to remove them. No one needs to know your email addresses in order to be able to help you recover your account, and they might be picked up by a bad actor.
Good luck.

I have removed the addresses, and also hid the revisions, so that they are not visible in the edit log. :slight_smile:

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@goob et @dennschub

Thank you for removing everything

I do not know how to delete the messages and emails that I have registered on

Thank you for helping me! Please cancel everything.

Now I deleted the “her” account on and I keep “visle” I keep it, it’s fine :slight_smile:

thank you for everything

Don’t worry – Dennis has deleted the private information (email addresses).

If you want to remove anything else from any of your comments, just click the pencil icon underneath that comments. But you should be protected now.

It’s great news that Fla was able to get you connected to your account again.

Yes ! I am really happy ! Thank you everyone !