Development priorities

I’ve got one volunteer from my local RUG, so what do people think are the priorities to work on after bugs? I’ll put them in 2 categories.

– Minor features/expected behaviour –
Infinite scroll on footer
User mentions in comments

– Big features –

Presumably there is some work that can be done to improve federation, but I don’t know enough about it to come up with specific tasks.

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Depending on how much time is available, this one could be interesting: “Locator” -

The thing with that PR is, it’s basically all there. The git branch would just need a thorough rebase and there were a few open comments that haven’t been adressed. Otherwise this would be good to go - and a mayor new feature with high development cost-benefit ratio for a new person.
(Otoh, this also digs deep inside the code, so it might need a little time, just to understand what’s going on - but at the end of it, I assume, anyone would understand a great deal of the codebase…)

@Robin : when a bug is “easy” to patch, it is marked as “newcomer” on github. Start with that :wink: