Diasp.eu - payment for an already closed account

i have tried to close my account during the trial time but it was giving me an error. after the 7 days of trial time has been past suddenly it became possible to delete my account so I did it. now, I don’t have an account but since then I am regularly getting payment error because they are trying to get the payment from my card for no logical reason (thank god I don’t have any money in the card). i don’t know when it will gonna end. i am really f*ckin tired. i can’t even sleep anymore…

Sorry to hear that. Sadly this is a problem that you have to solve with thw administrator of diasp.eu, see the contact information at https://diasp.eu/terms

Diaspora servers are all independent installations from individual persons.

@12binli, sorry to hear you’re having problems. As Michael has said, each diaspora* pod is run independently of the core project that develops the software, so no one here will be able to do anything.

Have you tried emailing them at info@diasp.eu? There was a similar case recently in the discussion Cannot cancel account (diasp.de is run be the same people), and while they didn’t receive the initial email, I contacted them via the diaspora* messaging system and they acted promptly to resolve the issue.

Try them by email and let us know after a few days if you haven’t received a reply, and if not I’ll try contacting the podmin again.

If you want to try diaspora* without having to give any credit card details or method of payment, there are many pods that accept open registrations and that don’t require payment (I think diasp.eu and diasp.de are the only pods that use a paid model), have a look through the pods at Pod Uptime. Click the Advanced View button and then select ‘diaspora’ at the head of the Software column and ‘Yes’ at the head of the ‘Signups’ column to filter to diaspora* pods that you can sign up to.

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