Diaspora as RSS feed reader

I am using Diaspora on a regularly now. I would like to see news and updates in it not just by my friends, but from RSS and Atom feeds too.

It might work as follows

  1. A user must be presented with an interface where he can add his favorite atom and RSS feeds.

  2. D* server scans it regularly and updates itself and presents it to the user like a Diaspora post.

  3. User can like it, share it and comment on it.

So I am posting my wish here to gather support for it.

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There is some previous discussion here and here and in fact a duplicate here on Loomio too here: https://www.loomio.org/discussions/4545

Suggest conversation would be kept on the earlier thread? Maybe you could repost there?

I don’t care where it’s discussed. I like the idea and would like to see it implimented. :slight_smile:

Ooohh!! Ooo! I love this.

A few years ago, somebody had made some bots which did this. There was an xkcd bot, for instance, which would push xkcd comics to your stream if you friended it. I think this could make Diaspora a lot more interesting and useful to people. It would also provide an easy way for users to share content, which D* is lacking right now.