Diaspora* at FOSDEM 2016

FOSDEM is a free event in Brussels that offers open source communities a place to meet, share ideas and collaborate.
No registration necessary (more information).

Diaspora* will have a stand also this year.

This topic is about some organization and/or to inform other
Diaspora-enthusiasts. Maybe some more like to join the event!

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Really great! I can’t come, since I live too far away from Brussels, but good luck with that!

I am ready to donate a wingflag if we have a stand. But then I need some help with the design :wink:

It would be super cool to have a booth at FOSDEM. Take lots of pictures if you go!

Definitely coming if we get the stand, most likely coming if we don’t anyway :slight_smile:

I’ll also try to be there.

Do we want to stay together? Same hotel/hostel?

Either way we should order something now. Otherwise we have to walk a lot :wink:

@flaburgan you told me that it isn’t your first time. Any recommendation on finding a quarter that could suit us?

@lukasmatt I was there with mozilla, so they paid me the hotel room in the center of Bruxelles. Definitely not a reasonable price so I would not propose to go there.

If it was the center… How long did it take to travel to the FOSDEM area?

I’ll be there for sure btw. I’ll be at the mozilla hotel if my talk is accepted, else I can be wherever I want :slight_smile:

@lukasmatt not that long with the bus, ~30 min.

I might be present too if I can afford…

Hey guys! I’m presenting a talk today for the “open source design” dev room. It will be awesome to meet you there if it’s accepted (despite the deadline for CFP has passed). One of the organizers contacted me and Steffan about it.

I would love if any of you are interested in joining me for the talk (specially french speakers! I will do it in english anyway).

I’ll send a link for the slides in the next hour or so.
But please don’t share it! It’s a work in progress.

If you have any flyer idea or need any help, ask me! Let’s make it right and do something cool.

Cool to see you there :smiley: I think the FOSDEM would be an ideal time to organize an event like a hackaton dedicated only to diaspora* :slight_smile:

Here are the slides. The deadline is over (it was extended until Dec 8th), but I’ve been too busy, I hope they can still consider my application, I’ve just e-mailed the people involved.

Here are the slides, 90% finished, I want to add some images and maybe a few more slides.

Please don’t share!!!


Press “S” to see the presentation’s notes, much more context there.

Any suggestions are welcome, and any company on the talk would be awesome, these are some very personal views, but I guess most of you will relate.

I also consider this talk to be a good “cheatsheet” for open source UX which we can use for Diaspora.

@hola Very interesting and creative, Pablo! Good luck with the presentation! (fingers crossed)

Fingers crossed! Thanks! :smiley:

Well, seems that the talk is in for consideration! Now the committee has to vote.


Fingers crossed.

@flaburgan any info from FOSDEM about our application? :slight_smile:

Hey guys! My talk is approved! \o/

Now I have to raise the money to get there… :S

I have some savings, was hoping to buy a car next year, but that can wait if I don’t get any sponsorship.

Anyway, looks like I’m going to be there, it would be awesome to meet you guys. I’m also planning on staying for the week, so if you guys are around, maybe we could do some “Diaspora work week” in person.

And if any of you is interested in helping me out with the talk, or even pick me out at the airport (?), that would be greatly appreciated, since I’ll be arriving on Feb 1st, 10 AM, and the talk is at 1 PM.

I’m also looking for a coworking space, or a place with good internet in case I have to work on any of those days.

So excited! @.@