Diaspora* campaign - starting this summer

Dear diaspora* Community.

Together with a privacy organization from germany, we would like to start a diaspora* campaign very soon. Since facebook might be at the weakest point of its history and many people, even companies start to leave it behind, we think now is the momentum for an alternative to take the chance and grow. We believe that it is crucial to let facebook and many other companies with an equal business model know that they are not built to last forever!

I do have some questions to all of you, who have made similar attempts in the past though: Do you know of any other campaigns running at the moment? Is there a good article on the history of diaspora? We’ve read that a couple years ago, it has reached its peak and since then decreased again. is that true? Are we allowed to use information and logos to design a flyer and spread the word in the real and the virtual world? This is what I understand from this site: https://wiki.diasporafoundation.org/Branding

Thanks for your replies, we´re aiming to start in about 3 weeks!

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You are, in general, free to promote whatever projects you like. It’s a free world after all. However, I’d like to add that we don’t see us as a “facebook killer” or whatever fancy term you might come up with, so I always personally ask people to not promote a project that way. Yes, decentralized communication is important, and maybe better than centralized, but we don’t plan on taking over the world domination, or to “kill facebook”. :slight_smile:

As for “the history”, try our blog, and wikipedia. And, well, our project website at diasporafoundation.org, which also links to usage statistics.

The information on the branding wiki page is pretty clear, and I’d like to ask you to read the introduction text very carefully. If you want to collect money for your organization or whatever, don’t put our logo next to it on the flyer; make sure that it’s clear that you are not collecting money for diaspora*, but for your org. If in doubt, ask.

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Understood. It won’t be a hate campaign, we just want to provide an alternative while we believe there are a lot of people looking for one. Also, we don’t have any commercial interest here.

thank you for your reply, we might get back to you!

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