Diaspora en español

Hola, soy de España y me interesa mucho vuestro proyecto, de hecho me parece fantástico, pero el único pod en español que existe no permite nuevas incorporaciones. Así que estoy interesada en promover Diaspora en español y en la creación de nuevos Pod aquí, pero necesitaría información porque no tengo ni idea de cómo hacerlo.
¿Alguien está interesado/a o podría indicarme cómo empezar?

Gracias y un saludo.

Hi, I’m form Spain and I am very interested on your project, I fact I think it’s great, but the only pod in Spanish that exists, does not allow new additions. I am really interested on promoting Diaspora in Spanish with creating new Pods, but I will need a little help to do it as I don’t have any experience on that area. I there the possibility to have someone who can show me?


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Hi! You don’t need a spanish server to use diaspora* in spanish! Every user can set the language they want in the settings :wink:

of course, but users of that server doesn`t use Spanish
and the interaction is essential :slight_smile:

I’m just starting to look for Spanish people, sorry! but maybe I missunderstood how it works

Vengo a sugerir diaspora.com.ar

of course, but users of that server doesn`t use Spanish and the interaction is essential

It doesn’t matter which pod you register with, you can find and communicate with people across the entire network. Use Spanish-language tags such as #espanol, #hola, #nueavoaqui and so on to link with other Spanish-speaking community members. Here is the stream for #hola in one random pod: https://pod.orkz.net/tags/hola (Note: you should see the same posts from any pod you choose - I just chose one to provide a link here.)

Hope that helps. Read the tutorials for new users for more information. You can read that in Spanish by changing the language from the button at the foot of the page.

(SOrry I wrote this in English rather than Spanish: it’s too late in the day to think hard, and too long since I last spoke Spanish to anyone…)

thank you very much, now I begin to understand, sorry for my ignorance! :wink:

¡De nada!

I would like this as this would mean more Spanish/Spanish-speaking people on D*. I’m currenrly learning spanish and I always love meeting new people. Kudos from me! :slight_smile:

Hola :slight_smile: No recuerdo haberte visto saludando en #hola. Por tanto quería preguntar que tal te iba con lo del proyecto? Si aún tienes ganas puedo contactarte con los podmins y con mi mentor para que te den una mano… Saludos :slight_smile: