Diaspora* for Discourse Plugin

Has the use-case for a High-Integration [ diaspora ] + Discourse Plugin* been examined in the diaspora* community? The two look lke a synergistically perfect match, with the outcome greater than the sum of its parts, so to speak.

Ruby Gem or a Discourse Plugin similar to the popular . . .
Another example is the Slack +Discourse Plugin currently in development

Though Slack is emmensely popular, my preference is to put my energy into a social media alternative diaspora.

I would be willing to financially contribute to the development of a seamless level of diaspora* + discourse and by that I mean diaspora* features that appear within Discourse as an integral part of each User Profile instead of an external app with a SSO Trust Relationship.

I’ve tried to get feedback on this idea before the group moved to this Discourse forum and once before now since the migration. I’m seriously starting to wonder why I can’t get anyone to comment or discuss this idea.

Hi and welcome!
I’m not sure to see exactly what you imagine, can you please describe from a user point of view how these features would look like?

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The SUBVS.US proposal for the Diaspora for Discourse plugin with Diasora sidebars open and Discourse selected instead of the stock Diaspora Activity Stream

Instead of static sidebars these have Sliders ie Baby Hamburgers on each side that can be set to open and close automagically or manually. In this mockup we see the Discourse forum is “In Focus”, the Activity Stream one click away from use.

A social media button would be accessible at all times within the editor.

CommonMark is the new coming standard for the text editor. I propose to create a wysiwy plugin that retains commonmark compatibility while providing Google Docs level editing features.

Alright so first of all, you based your screenshot on a very old version of diaspora*. The interface doesn’t look like that anymore and does have a markdown editor (and we always respected the CommonMark standard).

Secondly, what are we trying to achieve here? What value does that bring to the user? Could you please describe with User Stories the main features you imagine?

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My interest in part is to enable Federating of Discourse Instances which has been requested several times and considered too large a project.

How fortuitous that Diaspora could provide that capability without reinventing the wheel, and the added benefit of social media share functions that no one sees as useful in a forum I consider a bonus.

I’m only borrowing a widely observed behavior of Facebook Discussion Group users who constantly share all kinds of media links in their group when not actually in the group ie would be in my concept a Discourse Topic not group. This also enhances the browser extension’s agency of course.

Overall, the benefits are evidentiary since integration with Slack is already being used, and several active proposals for Discord connectivity using webhooks while others argue for creating a plugin slack alone is a good enough use case.

Not really clear what point you are making about CommonMark. I just need to make certain someone with the right kung fu gets the Discourse Editor to express any functionality unique to Diaspora upon the proposed plugin activation.