Diaspora for own use

Not sure where to ask these questions …
We are a group of clubs that want to set up our own membership and support framework.
We can certainly build from scratch. However we support the Diaspora ideals and would like to be part of the community if that is possible.
The issue is that we will need many functions and services that are not offered.
We are a commercial organization that would be paying for development.
It is likely that some of our add-ons would be of interest to the wider community.
So - is it allowed to use Diaspora as the basis for our development? Ideally our pods would remain integrated with the whole community, while offering extra features.
Alternatively, our system would be a separate parallel system of pods.
Is Diaspora code OS and free for anyone to use as they like?
Happy to discuss this and related topics.


Diaspora is open source and licensed under the AGPLv3, this means any source code changes you make need to be provided to the users of the software, even if they just use the “product” of the software, in this case the resulting website. Ideally of course you would upstream things where it makes sense :slight_smile:

I don’t think anyone in our developer community is currently interested to get hired for working on the project, so you’ll have to look for some third party I’m afraid :slight_smile:

I know one dev with 20 years of experience who may be interested but you will need several of these folks obviously.