Diaspora groups?

do anyone know how to start specific groups on here?

Diaspora currently is not supporting groups.
But you can use the Aspects to build your peer group when sharing posts.

Maybe it helps to vote for this Issue: https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/6278 and someone actually starts on this.

@Greatdaysfan, please don’t, as @tclaus suggested, ‘vote’ or say ‘I want this’ on any open GitHub issue. That doesn’t help to get anything started, and just creates ‘noise’ on what is supposed to be a tracker for software issues and development.

If your question is how to start groups within Diaspora itself, then this is unfortunately not yet possible. These two long discussions give an idea of the current state: Feature Discussion: Groups and Add support for groups in diaspora

If your question is how to start new groups or sections right here in Discourse, then that is only possible for admins to do.

I hope that helps.

Then diaspora is no good coz was loking for alternative to fb but must be able to start my own groups otherwise diasporawonät work for me.

@goob I am sorry, but I can not agree not to vote for something one wants. That means feature requests, Ideas or bugs. Thats why a vote exists in its first place. the more votes for something the more agreement is shown for something.

You are right - (especially for diaspora) this won’t makes things faster in any way, but it helps to priories users needs.

After I have skimmed the groups discussion I think a collection and some kind of “Idea Freeze” and a fixed plan ( in a bunch of single steps) may help.
Who’s first?

i’m in.i’m i’m in. i’m, in i’m in.

Where is there a voting system on GitHub? The only thing I know about is people commenting to say ‘I want this’ or ‘Why hasn’t this been done yet?’

The admins of the GitHub repository have often asked people not to bump issues with ‘vote’-type comments. Those comments tend to be removed by admins as off-topic, because the topic is about how technically to implement a feature, and issues have sometimes been closed to comments when this has happened repeatedly. See the later stages of https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/1762 for an example.

The predecessor to this Discourse forum (Loomio) had a proposal and voting system, but it was eventually abandoned because it made no difference to development priorities. In a system where everyone who contributes is a volunteer, those people will pick what they personally want to work on – as you have, and it’s great that you have. Voting makes no difference to that. I think there was a discussion and/or announcement about that at the time, but a quick search hasn’t found it.

A ‘roadmap’ was created some years ago in order to try to prioritise development and to better communicate those priorities, but it was eventually abandoned because it made absolutely no difference to what actually happened in terms of development. Even the ‘bounty’ system of providing financial incentives to prospective development made very little if any difference, because contributors turned out to be more motivated by the enjoyment and reward of creating things that appealed to them rather than by money. As there is no one who is paid by this project, there is no one who can be told ‘you should do this next’.

You’re welcome to look back through the many discussions about how better to target development and the attempts to do this.

Diaspora is at a bit of a stand-still at the moment in terms of development, because the core developers (those who did devote a lot of their own time to this project over a number of years) have all found their time and energy has largely been demanded by other things in life, and no one has yet stepped in to replace or support them. I don’t know what the answer to this is. If you can think of ideas to get things moving again, apart from your own very valuable personal efforts to create code, that would be great – but it will have to be new ideas, not things that have already been tried and that have failed.

I hope that helps explain what I said above, and a bit more about the current situation (at least as I understand it). I also hope that it doesn’t lessen your motivation to contribute – I certainly don’t want to do that!


Thanks for this statement. It seems hard to get: to find enthusiastic coders and bring diaspora forward again. (Whats is different e.g. on Friendica?)
Diaspora needs some kind of marketing and maybe a plan to get a new fresh breeze into the users base.

That’s only one point of many, but I’ll try to keep it short.
I full agree with your statement, but maybe you misunderstood me in one detail: With “voting on GitHub” I had in mind to klick on the thumbs up symbol in the relating Issue. (on the “Thumb Up” symbol here).

Nobody needs more comments like a “Me Too! (…but let others do)”.

What I do is, reading old Issues and growing through the discussions and look for interesting points. After I set up my own pod (just to support my code-try and error) I found quickly out what may be improved. I priories these topics by importance (and what seems to make fun and what in not over my abilities) and spend some free time.

Back to the originate topic:
To get Groups done, a small team may be build. These people should meet in fixed periods of time with a fixed goal. I think on collecting ideas for to implement for a MVP (minimum viable product). Let core team accept these ideas in just a few rounds. Create a task list which can be solved in not more than some days. Put all together.
In theory this sounds easy, but in theory also a “plan” was missing until now.

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