Diaspora identity

Hi all!

As I mentioned some time ago in some discussions, I started a Diaspora Identity project to work on identity for a little while, and then keeping moving on towards UX.

A solid identity sense is the first brick to build consistency and it will impregnate everything under the UX dome. Also, it is not hard to achieve, it’s just setting some conventions and adhere to it, most of them are reasonably suggested by common sense.

I wanted to open the process and make the source files publicly available and in an open format (SVG). You’ll find PDFs for each page of the Identity Guidelines in the assets/brand folder.

As this is still a personal project, it’s not on an “official” diaspora repo, but my own:


Feel free to comment, report issues, etc.

The “subprojects” section is just a work in progress.

Looking forward to your thoughts and feedback!

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I think it cannot be bad, as I think I noticed three or four kind ot blue on the current UI with also flashy green and multiple variations of grey. It lack a bit of consistency.

Thanks @hola - comments later! :slight_smile:

Nice project and good start.

@hola respect for all your enthusiasm and effort you put into diaspora*! It might be one of the big steps towards making diaspora* a seriously cool social network!

Thank you all!