Diaspora* official Twitter account

(goob) #21

From what I understand the problem is that more people come to @joindiaspora with issues relating specifically to that pod itself

That’s not my understanding. But @jasonrobinson administers that Twitter account, so let’s ask him.

(goob) #22

What point is there to discuss names before deciding to change it?

It seems a bit counter-productive to commit ourselves to changing the name before deciding on a better name (which is available).

I agree to change the name if we can find a better name to change it to.

(Jason Robinson) #23

@goob - loomio doesn’t support two votes at the same time in the same thread. Since creating a new thread would be overkill, one thing must be voted on first. I think it makes sense to first agree on whether the name should be changed, before discussing a new name. What is the point of voting on a new name if the end result is that the community wants to keep the old one? :wink:

(Birch**) #24

DiasporaProject is a good alternative I think. Though DiasporaFoundation is good as well because it will be associated with the actual diasporafoundation page which is where the focal hub - or as close as we have to one- is anyhow.

(Jason Robinson) #25

Proposal: What should be the new Twitter account name?

What should be the official project Twitter account handle?

Note, due to limited options for proposals, I’ve chosen the few mentioned ones from the earlier discussions. I’ve also kept joindiaspora in the list - for those who want to vote for keeping that.

If you have good ones that are free (check first!), please comment and we can have a second round against the winners of this proposal…

NOTE: renaming does mean losing the verified status. I’ll contact the Twitter support to see what actions we can do to keep it after rename. If someone wants, we can have a vote on whether losing the verified status is a blocker for renaming the account.

How to vote?

YES - @diasporafoundation
NO - @diaspora_project
ABSTAIN - @diasporasocnet
BLOCK - @joindiaspora

Outcome: Names are too long, new proposal needed


  • Yes: 9
  • Abstain: 0
  • No: 0
  • Block: 0

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(Jason Robinson) #26

Maybe a few others to consider too:



(jakobdee) #27

yes… from niave users perspective … searching for Diaspora … was complicated with the ‘join’ prefix … that the ‘joindiaspora’ links were also depreciated was equally confusing … im more aware of the situation now,so not so much a problem … and work is being done to ‘federate’ the loose ends … so yeah … good suggestions :slight_smile: … though im not a Twitter user ;p … D* is all thats required … and a duck doesnt need muddy feet walking in foreign swamps :wink:

(sumimasen) #28

What about @diasporaHQ ? It is taken but not being used… Maybe the owner wants to give it up?

(Jason Robinson) #29


While we are at it, renaming diasporahq@joindiaspora.com to diasporafoundation brings more consistency.

This proposal is about the twitter account only. Also, diaspora doesn’t support renaming accounts :wink:

(goob) #30

I’m equally happy with disporafoundation or diaspora_project. I slightly prefer ‘project’, but the fact that there is already a diasporaproject account means that confusion is possible, so the foundation one might be preferable for that reason. Not so keen on ‘socnet’ as it’s more complex and not complete words.

I think on balance I’ll go with ‘foundation’ as that’s the name of the project website. But am happy with project too - even socnet. I don’t really mind!

(Jason Robinson) #31

Thanks to the suggestion of @rich1 I actually tried to register the candidates - and it seems @diasporafoundation is too long… So much for that then…

I’ve registered @diaspora_info and @diasporasocnet - also available would be suggestions @diasporasome, @diasporapods and @diasporafed (federation is too long).

I’ll register the rest in the evening and set up a new vote, keeping @joindiaspora as one of the options…

([deactivated account]) #32

and it seems @diasporafoundation is too long


Thanks for providing all the available options though :slight_smile:

(sumimasen) #33

@diaspora_now ??

(goob) #34

I actually tried to register the candidates

Um, we don’t want to register these names separate, because that way we won’t be able to change the name of the existing Twitter account, which is what we surely want to do (to keep all the existing followers, and so on).

(Flaburgan) #35

if changing means loosing the certified label and we can’t change for diasporafoundation (too long) or diasporaproject (already token?), I think that changing is worst than keeping joindiaspora…

(Pirate Praveen) #36

I too agree with @flaburgan .

(Jason Robinson) #37

Losing the certified status can be avoided afaik.

But to be honest, none of the other options are that good that I see this as a good use of time so let’s just forget about it…

(MrmappyINOF) #38

Proposal: Change @joindiaspora to @diaspora

I think that we should change the twitter name to @diaspora, as it will be easier to search for and find. It will benefit new users, as not everyone is searching for Join Diaspora, rather they would search for Diaspora.

Outcome: N/A


  • Yes: 0
  • Abstain: 0
  • No: 0
  • Block: 1

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([deactivated account]) #39


This guy might object…


(MrmappyINOF) #40

Sorry, I didn’t know it was taken