Diaspora password required

Hi community,

I’m configuring Diaspora pod on my Ubuntu server and even though I used the command
sudo adduser --disabled-login diaspora

I’m being prompted for Diaspora password when running rvm install "ruby-2.4.5"
The error reads "diaspora password required for ‘apt-get --quiet --yes update’ "

Can anyone advise what should I do ? I never set the password.

Did you run rvm autolibs read-fail like it says in the guide? With that it shouldn’t ask for the password.

OK, that pushed me little bit further. I’m missing some packages. After executing sudo apt-get install -y <packages>
I get another prompt for password. I ran the rvm autolibs read-fail as well though.

Thank you for guiding me.

Obviously sudo ... asks for a password, but did you even read the guide?

The next command will check if all dependencies to build Ruby are installed. If these are not met, you will see a list of packages preceded by “Missing required packages:”. As root install all the packages listed there for your OS. Then rerun the install command.

The important part is “As root …”, because your diaspora-user still doesn’t have sudo permissions.

It’s OK now. I had to install those packages off the Diaspora account. That was also mentioned in the guide. Sometimes all is needed is to read the d*mn guide / docs, right. :slight_smile:

See also the solution to Installing a pod, 3 days earlier.