Diaspora pod for dating?


Hi everyone.
This is kinda my first thread here.

I’ve used joindiaspora for a long time although I thought it was like the only social media site like this until I’ve heard of Hubzilla, Friendica and other pods of Diaspora.

Anyway, I sometimes take a quick searx.me browse for any open source dating sites and, to my disappointment, none turned up. So I wonder if it would be great if such a project existed.

What does anyone think?

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(Dennis Schubert) #2

First of all, sorry that your post got eaten by our spam filter. Something about a new user posting external links and mentioning dating sites tripped off some alarms. :wink:

Since this is the diaspora* Discourse, I assume you are not asking about open source dating sites in general - of which I don’t know any - but are asking diaspora* to add dating-site features? If that is your question, I’d say chances for that happening are somewhat slim. diaspora* wants to be a good social network with the elementary features a social network should have, and we have to make cuts somewhere.

But it’s good to have a thread open. If others have opinion or feel strongly, they now have a place to do so! :slight_smile:

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In the meantime, you could check out the #nsfw posts. :wink:


(Cristóbal ) #4

Well Diaspora is a small world inside small world. Most of the active users today are people that come from G+, but the normal diaspora user is just a political activist or libre software user/dev. And currently the active user people aren’t more than 10k of users, which means that many people live in different places far away ones from others. In my case if I know 5 guys from my country is being optimistic. It could work but I think that diaspora isn’t the right platform in its current status for non-tech people. If you idea will be a node that will be useful on dating I suggest:

  1. Mastodon-Pleroma: It has a huge user base and better mobile programs. In fact I know a case of a small community that lived in the same city and make meet-up and such. Also, they have nodes for sexworkers, furry people, lgtb people, etc; so a node for dating won’t be that out of place.
  2. Get Together: This is a new development. It’s made for organizing events and real meet-ups. Well primary it focuses on social events, but being libre software it could be modified to make one-by-one meetup and a dating service. Since its offers maps integration (for example the site say where is located the place or how far are you from that place) it has more future for a dating node.

Anyway if you wish to do, you are free to do it, but I suggest checking these ones first n-n


(Rob) #5

Diaspora* could get options added that also could be used for ‘dating like’ activities. For instance the ability to create groups. Not the aspects feature… more the other way around: Aspects are filters on the users you follow, with groups I would like letting people join an “aspect”. Another name for such a feature like “group” would probably be better to not confuse the current aspects with groups.