Diaspora pod on production mod

Hi, i have just installed diaspora and started my own pod (development).
Now I want to run Diaspora in production mode (with tutorial Installation/Ubuntu/Xenial). The file ~diaspora/config/diaspora.yml contains the string environment.url: https://MyPodURL/, the question itself: do I need to write this line (MyPodURL) in the files /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname?

Do I need any additional utilities and libraries to run a pod with HTTPS or all settings are made only in the diaspora.yml?

And for configuring nginx for Diaspora, I can edit the original nginx.conf or is it better to make a separate file (for example /etc/nginx/conf.d/diaspora.conf)?

No, diaspora doesn’t read those files.

You certainly want an TLS terminating reverse proxy in front of it (usually Nginx or Apache), which has a valid certificate for your hostname configured. You’ll also need a JS runtime, typically NodeJS, installed to precompile assets, but our installation guide covers that. Beyond that, there shouldn’t be anything necessary, in fact a production setup should generally have fewer dependencies than a development setup.

That’s just up to you and your gut feeling, there’s no real technical advantages to either.