Diaspora Presentation

Let’s create together a Diaspora presentation !

What do we need:

  • very good facts to get more people involved in Diaspora
  • a nice design

Wanted - picture <-- Post in Fb
Wanted - post <-- reshare in D*

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I created a very first presentation in LibreOffice with some facts, pictures and drawings.
You can download a pdf document from my cloud:


Please give me some more facts and so on, which can me added by me :slight_smile:

The link seems to be broken.

it got double escaped by loomio, I’ve added an “unescaped” version to the description above.

Hmm still doesn’t work?

oh wow, that’s unhelpful… =( not sure what we can do about that, this is why you should never have non-alphanumeric characters in your filenames =P For now, you can still get at the file if you manually copy + paste the link.

Hmm. I think this should work?


Copy/paste the first link should also work - at least everything is ok in my browser (FF).

WOT say to me that this web site has a poor reputation.

What about the HTML5 template ?


Ehm this website (owncloud) is an private small ARM PC which is nearly next to me :smiley:

I think everything is ok with it :wink:

I have no knowledge about HTML5 because of that I created the first steps with LibreOffice…

MatAL - I love the visual design of the presentation, awesome, looks good! This is why I suggested someone with an eye for this would work on it, thanks!

As for the content, we definitely need to get that part in order. I suggest we continue building the content in the wiki (anyone can edit) and then update your presentation with the content?

The wiki page is here: http://wiki.diaspora-project.org/wiki/Presentation-DiasporaNetwork … I copied the content as is.

I like the design but I’m guessing from the content that your first language isn’t english :wink:

Do you have the file in a format I can edit (eg inkscape)

Robin, what about collectively editing here http://wiki.diaspora-project.org/wiki/Presentation-DiasporaNetwork ?

Jepp English ins’t my first language - sorry about that :wink:

Collectively editing in the wiki of Diaspora is a very good idea @Jason.

@Robin: Do you want to work with the original .odp file or should I create different gimp or inkspace files in the next few days?

Oh yeah If you have it as ODP that’s fine, just email it over a it is.

Here we go! We have a first “WANTED” picture which is created by Dennis (theradialactive@pod.geraspora.de)

Here’s the Diaspora Link which you can/should reshare: https://pod.geraspora.de/posts/c59f754bb6d7bc48

and this is the direct picture Link:

Please reshare the link in Diaspora and for example the picture in Facebook and so on.


Has anybody of you a copy of the libre-office presentation I uploaded a few month ago?

I lost it on my PC :confused: and I would like to work on it a little bit.

This is important, I really want to help out. Can’t take the eventual technical parts, but I love writing. Plus that I’m longing to see that visual design! :wink:

Oh, by the way. Wouldn’t it be nice to make the presentation in different formats too? For example one introduction version, an document that tells you all about the diaspora movement and concept, one detailed version that gives more depth to things you might need to know, like the technical part and the arguments part, and one that focuses more on key things - like a cheat-sheet poster that tells you Why?, How?, For Whom?, By Who?, How can I help? and similar headers so that ordinary people understands it without having to read that much. Like a PR information-poster that you can hand out after a lecture or link to when people just want an inkling about what it is.

In this way we could have something for the ordinary person that does not know the difference between a homepage and an image, the interested person that would like to learn more about the difference between Diaspora, Facebook and Friendica and for the person that wants to know all about it so that he/she can find good arguments and facts to convince and spread it! :slight_smile:

I did a presentation about the Diaspora architecture which is available here under CC-BY.

But it should be read again by @florianstaudacher or @jonneha :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to help write up a post or make a picture. :slight_smile: