I started working on a simple python library which provides access to Diaspora. The main functions are now implemented, so it’s possible, to login, post, comment, like and reshare. However the code is ugly and there are many bugs and unhandled exceptions. I’m currently working on it, so expect things to change and hopefully improve. The code can be found on Github. Still need to choose a license, but it will definitly be a free software license. To use it you only need the diaspy.py file. There’s also a documentation which I try to keep in sync with the github code. I try to avoid parsing html and use json in all the cases possible. Still have trouble accessing posts with limited visibility. Maybe someone can tell me how authentification works here.
Still a real api would be better, but until this is implemented this may be useful for developers trying to write programs communicating with diaspora.

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@moritzkiefer will present us his new Diaspora-Python-API in this tread.
I invited him yesterday and created also (a little bit to fast) a new thread.

I managed to access limited posts now, don’t know what caused the error earlier on. Maybe I just forgot to login.

This is cool ! Thanks for your work !