Diaspora reshare visualization

As I promised Faldrian, I would like to share his feature with you:

Posted by codehero@nerdpol.ch:

" I think Faldrian 's (faldrian@pod.geraspora.de) reshare tree graph should be added to the official Diaspora code → https://nerdpol.ch/posts/140805
Now, what it does is: It analyses all the hierarchies of reshares of a post and displays them in a tree graph. It also shows how many likes and comments of the respective reshares.
Now mablae@pod.geraspora.de changed the code around a bit and made an implementation with 3d.js so it looks like a net and you can move it around.
Either one or both of them should be added to Diaspora and be made available with a button in the single post view. Then when you press the button the graph should lay over the post, quite like a fancybox.
The first picture shows Faldrian’s implementation, the second Mablae’s and the third one how it could look with the button in the single post view.

Link: http://mablae.taurus.uberspace.de/diaspora_vis/

The Sources for the 3D.js Implementation are here: https://github.com/mablae/diaspora-reshare-visualization "

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We definitely need to improve how reshares are displayed, see the same post in the stream reshared a lot of time is really heavy. But I am not sure that solve the problem.

Can you please ask to Faldrian to come on github and open an issue describing his work ?

I think Faldrian is out of time at the moment.
I invited mablae@pod.geraspora.de to loomio. Maybe he could answer you a few questions?

Da bin isch :smiley:

ok @flaburgan - @mablae is the creator of the diaspora-reshare-visualization tool: it works with 3d.js and with php in the backend.

Feel free to ask him different facts about it :wink:

It’d be amazing to get a view like this for reshares at some point, to track how many people are sharing your posts. I really like how this also displays how many comments and likes are on each reshare.

Again, if someone wants to do it in a proper way. But single post view is first.

In the mean time I think I’d like to see a pure JavaScript implementation, that could be easily integrated into Diaspora then too, maybe in a facebox or something.

@mablae can you realize a pure JS version of it?
@mablae Kannst du das in purem JS umsetzten?

In all reality, you could probably port the JS to backbone, and just recreate the PHP backend in Rails. It’d be cool to use a visualizer to see how far a post gets reshared.

Jonne is right though, the single post view has to go.

Sure, this is possible with Ruby and JS, too. But I dont know ruby :frowning: So, if someone will do the ruby part, I could fix the JS to make it fit into pages.

New Functions:

  • The size of the “circles” is derived from comment count on that post.
  • Hover Highlight
  • Tooltip Box showing reshare, likes, and comment count.

Still working on it!

Isn’t a pure JS implementation possible too? I’d love to take the load of that to the client, we’ve enough scaling issues already.

@mablae do you know backbone.js ? It will be very amazing to have your tool in backbone.

Thank you for your work !