Diaspora* software release

Is anyone able to provide a likely ETA for those remaining issues?

Sorry I had a more busy weekend than I had planned so didn’t get to do the RC branch yet. I will do it and promote it tomorrow evening if all goes well.

OK now there is a release/ branch available. I’ll compile a message a bit later and send out, for pods to test. Need to add some warning text to the changelog as well.

For adding fixes to the RC - I’d suggest we don’t merge anything to the RC branch unless it concerns the last remaining 3 issues or some other regression in 0.5. Anything else, it would be nice to get a few core devs agreement before cherry-picking commits to the release. I’ll happily do that on request.

This also means merging for next-next is open, if something is waiting for that :slight_smile:

Awesome, thank you Jason :slight_smile:

Draft post on the pad: http://pad.spored.de/p/release_notes

OK to promote? Any additions, missing stuff, etc?

@goob any chance you can review the announcement before we post it?

Has anyone else anything to say?

I’ll have a look now.

Awesome. As soon as it is ready, I think I’ll post it first on diasporaforum.org (someone wants to do it on Google Group please?). Maybe some podmins will then try to upgrade an give us feedback. After that, I’ll post it on diaspora HQ.

Looking good! Have made a few changes. Please check I haven’t introduced any errors on the technical side.

Nice, posted on the diasporaforum.org

diaspora-fr.org and diasp.net switched to 0.5. Those were pods running the dev branch so we didn’t learn from these upgrades.

https://diasp.ca/ also upgraded, I don’t know if this pod was running the develop branch, I will try to contact the podmin.

He answered: https://diaspora-fr.org/posts/1150858

Those were pods running the dev branch so we didn’t learn from these upgrades.

Is anyone running the stable code on a production pod likely to update to a buggy release candidate? I would have thought all the testers would be those already running develop. Surely there’s still useful feedback to be gained from those pods. If we can’t learn from those pods, there would probably not be much point in a release candidate.

If we do need production pods running stable to update, perhaps we should include that in the release announcement.

Shared with diaspora HQ: https://joindiaspora.com/posts/5865715

Well done.

ps: one pod running 0.4.x is updating to the RC: https://pod.orkz.net/posts/1968370

Just shouted out with the official non-d* social media accounts - just for some buzz :slight_smile:

More feedback: https://iliketoast.net/posts/569515

It seems so far the main issues are:

  • DB migrations being super slow
  • Upgrade instructions not being followed

Also another: https://iliketoast.net/posts/569232

SetMysqlToUnicodeMb4: migrated (580.1959s)

That one MySQL migration is super slow… that pod has 124 users in total. I wonder how long it will take to run the migration on some really big pod? I suppose larger pods have more powerful DB engines so can’t just count pod size… still, we should place a big warning in the announcement that database migration can take a loooong time.