Diaspora* software release

([deactivated account]) #81

The surrounding markup for the custom splash page changed slightly, please refer to the changelog


Thanks :slight_smile:

In which case, I have zero issues to report, the db migrate was sooooo fast this time! Amazing work guys :slight_smile:

(Jason Robinson) #82

Awesome, guide looks good! Shall we start talking about a release date? How about coming weekend, I’ll at least be home to help with that. Sunday is generally a good day to release IMHO. Most of the off-d* promo could be then done on Monday which is a better day to spam social media.

(Flaburgan) #83

I’m available this week-end :slight_smile:

(goob) #84

Monday bank holiday in UK and quite a few other countries, I think (May day). Obviously social media is 24-hour, but it might still not be quite as good as another Monday.

(Jason Robinson) #85

Hmm good point. Maybe during the week? We still need the release announcement anyhow. Tuesday or Wednesday?

(Flaburgan) #86

We can also release this weekend, but only start promoting on external social network on Tuesday. That way if we find a regression between Saturday/Sunday and Tuesday we have time to fix it :slight_smile:

(goob) #87

@flaburgan, hehe! I think we should trust the release candidate process, though…

Thanks for starting a draft release announcement on the pad. I have changed the formatting so it will work with Markdown (no leading spaces for paragraphs in lists, etc), linked to each PR, added a short introduction and edited the text a bit for clarity.

Please feel free to play around with it further.

([deactivated account]) #88

A Bank Holiday weekend would have been the ideal time to release because I have the day off work and could have upgraded my pods lol :slight_smile:


(Jason Robinson) #89

It shall happen today! Unless someone strongly objects… plz feel free to work on the release announcement in the pad, linked two comments above by goob.

(Flaburgan) #90

Go from me :slight_smile:

(goob) #91

Thanks chaps for fixing this all up - I had a total hard drive crash last night so it might be a few days before I’m back on my computer, looks like I don’t have to worry!

([deactivated account]) #92

Thanks chaps for fixing this all up

I’ll second that!! Great work everyone, I’m getting some really positive feedback about 0500 :slight_smile:

(Jason Robinson) #93

Some issues with 0.5 sidekiq stability: https://iliketoast.net/posts/609311

(Flaburgan) #94

Hi everyone, I bring back this thread from death to discuss about the release.

The milestone is accessible on github. Let’s do some bug triage.

I’d like to discuss what we want to include in this milestone, freeze it and do our best to release. Next major was almost a year ago, it’s time to move forward :slight_smile:

So, here is the issue to triage (feel free to add some):

Blockers (we cannot release if those issues are not fixed) :

  • /contacts page is really slow #6107
  • /tags pages are slow #6152
  • Sidekiq 4 or sidekiq-cron is leaking memory #6763

Would be nice to see it included:

Do I miss anything (especially in the blocker bugs)?

(Steffen van Bergerem) #95

I don’t think #6107 and #6152 should be blockers. These issues already exist on the current master branch and at least for #6107 there isn’t even a vague idea how one could fix it.

(Flaburgan) #96

So if #6107 and #6152 are not blockers and with #6763 not present anymore on d-fr, the first version of the federation gem is the last blocker?

(Dennis Schubert) #97


(Flaburgan) #98

Quoting @denschub from this topic

Release has been in the pipe for a loooooong time and we really need to ship it. What should be included in the release? Should we stop after the federation rewrite? Should we do some more extensive database optimizations to maybe improve the performance? Should we try to make the chat 100% stable, pretty and fancy? Should we push the API development? How much work will get pushed into the tasks and how far could these features delay the release?

I really think we should stop postpone the release. I would even freeze the code now apart for bug fixes and release 0.6 instead of 0.5.10. We didn’t do any progress on any topic listed here (chat, API…) for months, I see no reason to wait longer. It will be included in 0.7 release if ready, it’s not a problem. The only active development actually is the federation gem, even if the last release is from March. It is also already included in master. So @supertux88 can you tell us if you need to block the release to finish something in the coming days, or you will need weeks anyway so we should release and we will include the rest of your work in the following minor version?

(Dennis Schubert) #99

I disagree. Especially because there is work going on in the federation layer, we should finish it in this release. At the moment, federation is broken as hell and we tell people that everything will get better in the next major release. If we want to get out of the “always buggy” state, we actually need to deliver the things we promise to people. When we don’t include the federation rewrite in, it would have to wait until since the embedding probably brakes some stuff, which we’ll never discover in the short one week freeze cycle in our stable release.

The chat and the API will not hit for sure, neither will be the account migration included by any chance. But since the federation work is on a more-than-75%-done state and @supertux88 will be able to work even more in the upcoming two months (you know, I’m in near-daily contact… ;)), freezing now would be simply wrong in my opinion. is nothing I have on my schedule since it may not even be released this year, so why even bother about thinking about that now.

(Flaburgan) #100

Thank you Dennis. I agree with everything you said here, this reasoning is logical. But it’s also based on “one major release per year”. If we deliver more often, then it’s not a problem to postpone a feature. So if @supertux88 needs at least 2 months, we could release 0.6 now and 0.7 with the new federation in September (time for code writing + tests). I agree “we actually need to deliver the things we promise to people.”, but if we know for sure that federation will not be ready before September anyway, why do we block the other nice changes?