Diaspora* stickers

(Jason Robinson) #21

Sent reply to Stefano - also with question from @manuelbichler

(Jason Robinson) #22

Yay, heard back from unixstickers.com

Answer to question from @manuelbichler

As of forfeiting revenues, we like to keep prices even on our site, as differences could create confusion, but let us know if this is important for you and we can give it a serious thought. Revenue sharing would still be preferred.

I at least don’t want to start making any special arrangements. If someone wants to push this direction, we need to vote on it.

As for PayPal:

As of donations: no problems with PayPal, it’s even handier for us than wire transfers :slight_smile:

They will take care of everything and let us know about the designs. Though for the money part, we still need to hear from the FSSN - though it’s hard to imagine they would be able to say no.

(goob) #23

Unless I’ve misunderstood what you mean by ‘say no’, I don’t think the FSSN can say no, as they are not in any way in charge of Diaspora*'s money - they just hold it for the project. I don’t think that they can have any say in what happens to it.

(Jason Robinson) #24

Bang - we have designs which wait our final acceptance for a go live next week already! :slight_smile:

I’ve uploaded them here: https://cloud.jasonrobinson.me/public.php?service=files&t=9ca41117bbdc668b3973b8baad29ae04

As they conform to our branding specs and approval has already been voted on to use that branding, I would like to give the final approval without a further vote. If no one objects, will do so within 24h. Unixstickers will make these available for order early next week \o/

Btw, whether the project will receive money for them is still not clear, but that is another matter. Unfortunately things are unclear with the FSSN still - they are slow to reply and it’s not clear still how the paypal id they have for us works.

Can’t wait to order these - look good in the pictures :smiley:

(Jason Robinson) #25

Just to clarify on the money - the problem is not unixstickers.com - the problem is the FSSN.

(Ivan Gabriel Morén) #26

Ohh, they look wonderful! Is it too late to propose a change though? I’d really like the one with a circle in gray/white instead of black/white, like the default icons for pods. But if it means a big vote and a lot of extra time, then I’m totally fine with these :slight_smile:

(goob) #27

I would like to give the final approval without a further vote.

That’s fine with me, Jason. Thanks for your work in getting this going.

(Jason Robinson) #28

@ivangabrielmoren I’m guessing we can suggest changes to the stickers in time if this partnership goes well. I’ve sent the approval for this time now to not delay them getting available for purchase :slight_smile:

Now we just need to sort things out with that FSSN… :stuck_out_tongue:

(raven24) #29

thanks for handling this, jason!

(Jason Robinson) #30

I’d love to get word out of these too on the official accounts - @flaburgan @goob @jonnehass can we do that?

I can write if no objections. We should not mention the 35% cut as, well, until the FSSN really is sorted out we can’t promise it.

But when taking on the deal we did promise also to promote the stickers. Plus our users want them :slight_smile:

(Jonne Haß) #31

Sure, I never objected to promote them. I’m just saying that we should keep quiet on the exact deal for now.

(goob) #32

I think we should definitely promote them. Don’t need to give the financing details just yet, until we’re sure of them.

(Flaburgan) #33

So do we mention in the promote post that we receive part of the benefice made by the stickers sell? I think we should do that.

Once this is decided, we can post with diaspora HQ

(Jason Robinson) #34

We shouldn’t mention it :stuck_out_tongue:

(Flaburgan) #35

@jasonrobinson well, that could encourage people to buy stickers, and we’re almost sure to have the money anyway, even if we don’t use FSSN for that, unixstickers will give it to us.

(goob) #36

I suppose we could say that we have an agreement with Unixstickers to receive 35% of the proceeds - we just don’t have to specify how that transfer is likely to take place.

(Jason Robinson) #37

I’d rather not make promises that are not 100%. We can always do a follow up message…

(Flaburgan) #38

Okay time to post the message, what about that:

diaspora stickers available*

Hi diasporans, we now have a parternship with unixstickers to provide you awesome diaspora* stickers.

Unixstickers are known for the quality of their products, so we are really proud to work with them. More than that, part of the benefice made by selling the stickers go back to the diaspora foundation!

So don’t wait, go to http://www.unixstickers.com/diaspora and order yours!

(Jason Robinson) #39

More than that, part of the benefice made by selling the stickers go back to the diaspora foundation!

@flaburgan Please, no mention of money back to the project until we are 100% certain the FSSN can be used for that. Otherwise OK - an image also would be nice :slight_smile:

(Jason Robinson) #40

We can update people later when this is resolved - no need to mention it now!