Diaspora* stickers

(Flaburgan) #41

Oh, okay, I thought we discussed about mentionning the exact participation (35%), not the fact that we will earn money that way. But Unixstickers said they’re going to give us money, why should we hide that? I mean, even if we don’t want to use the FSSN, we will probably do something like directlty pay @dennisschubert to pay the host costs, we will have the money anyway. Or maybe we are waiting for an official agreement with unixstickers, in that case I understand, but in the case we are waiting for the FSSN I don’t understand. If we still don’t know how we will have the money, we already know that we will have it anyway.

And yeah, tags + image in the message, of course :wink:

(Dennis Schubert) #42

We can update people later when this is resolved - no need to mention it now!

Fla, please… Let’s not talk about any money-related stories until we’re sure what’s up.

(Flaburgan) #43

Posted :wink:

(Jason Robinson) #44

But Unixstickers said they’re going to give us money, why should we hide that?

We’re not hiding it - it’s all here in public :slight_smile: And sure, if the FSSN doesn’t work out, I’m sure we can discuss to get the revenue somewhere else from unixstickers.

Just no need to advertise it via the posts for now. Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

(Jason Robinson) #45

Just saw this in the sticker product pages at unixstickers.com :wink:


Would be nice to get the FSSN stuff sorted out - or some other paypal account if that doesn’t work out. Been thinking of looking into some non-profit setup legal stuff even, I wonder if that would be easy to setup … :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jason Robinson) #46

Oh they have a typo, hehe. Plus maybe it’s not “Diaspora Foundation” - it should say “diaspora* Project” I guess… opinions?

(Flaburgan) #47

It’s still at $12, that’s really low, I saw different persons ordering stickers, I doubt the total is only $36…

(Jason Robinson) #48

@flaburgan unixstickers.com promised a share of the profit not the sales. I’m quite sure the amount per sticker they actually get profit is very low :wink:

(Flaburgan) #49

Wow, that’s indeed completely different, it will definitely not become a real source of profit as I expected…