Diaspora Yatra

(Dennis Schubert) #21

The domain is not registred to my name, @deadsuperhero owns it. However, it’s my mail server and root@, webmaster@, postmaster@ will all come to my inbox.

Just go ahead and request the certificate and send me your email address. I will forward the emails as soon as they arrive. :slight_smile:

(Augier) #22

It might be the time to study the idea of officially offer turnkey solution for non-profit organization like schools ?

(Balasankar C) #23

As per @praveenarimbrathod 's Debian Diaspora Campaign, we are planning a one-month-long programme to travel across the state of Kerala, India visiting schools and colleges and promoting the concepts of Diaspora, Privacy, Anti-Surveillence etc. For this, it would be extremely helpful if we have some platform for people to search for events based on date and place and also RSVP for the same. Earlier we used meetups but the service from those guys was extremely poor (The page just vanished one day, and we lost all our archives about the previous events). This time we are planning on using the Events Wordpress plugin. At this point, that seems to be the only viable option.

It would be great if we have a subdomain like events.diasporafoundation.org points to a server with Wordpress installed (which we can provide) in it so that we can use it for all the events (not just yatra) related to Diaspora.

(Manu Krishnan T V) #24

@dennisschubert Due to resource issues in poddery server, we moved all other sites to other servers.

We now plan to have a wordpress instance for Diaspora Yatra as an immediate solution for handling events and RSVP for the diaspora yatra planned.

So, can you point yatra.diasporafoundation.org to

@deadsuperhero @balasankarchelamat @praveenarimbrathod

(Manu Krishnan T V) #25

@dennisschubert If we can implement what @balasankarchelamat suggested, it will be good enough, so that the yatra.diasporafoundation.org site can stay as a static HTML page.

(Pirate Praveen) #26

Proposal: create events.diasporafoundation.org

meetup.com/diaspora is gone (no idea who was paying for it, all the archives are lost too). We should have a similar mechanism for organzing meetups and wordpress events plugin seems the best option.

Outcome: Create events.diasporafoundation.org


  • Yes: 5
  • Abstain: 1
  • No: 1
  • Block: 0

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(Pablo Cúbico) #27

Hey @praveenarimbrathod , let me know if you need help on those designs.

(Manu Krishnan T V) #28

@camil I agree that events functionality for Diaspora is a much needed feature. What do you suggest for events happening till its implemented?

Earlier, there was a meetup page, but it is gone now. We are looking for an alternative to that. A central events location will be helpful to get inputs on ideas from a larger group of people.

(Pirate Praveen) #29

@camil , building events feature in diaspora is going to take time. People choose to work on what is priority for them and this negative vote is not going to make someone work on events in diaspora on priority. If a common events platform is not desired by the project I could always build it under a different name.

(Dennis Schubert) #30

@manukrishnantv I’ve changed the IPv4 address as requested. However, there is an AAAA record pointing to 2a03:f86:2:2::2. What’s the new v6 address?

(Camil) #31

@manukrishnantv @praveenarimbrathod The implementation of #events is being discussed for more than a year, yet nobody seems to care about speeding up the process! Now what, spend resources and time on something else than what really counts for diasporians?! Almost everyone on diaspora would donate for the integration of #events, and I wasn’t the only one telling you repeatedly that people WILL contribute to support programmers working on this vital feature. I don’t like the way you postpone this, honestly. I told Praveen I will help him with the Yatra website , but the creation of a similar events web platform seems to me a huge waste of time, as there aren’t plenty of official events at the moment and we need to build a stronger social network out of diaspora* before promoting it as a viable alternative to facebook. You should also consider building on the #events feature because many more people would find out about what’s happening ou there than if you choose to make a webpage for it. That’s my humble opinion at least.

(Pirate Praveen) #32

@camil the thing is, neither me nor @manukrishnantv are ruby programmers and we will never be coding events feature in diaspora. There is one student who is interested to work on events, but he is very new to ruby and he is still learning basics, it will take time until he can start coding on it. Also diaspora yatra is at least 30 events in a month and I need a platform to coordinate it. If not events.diasporafoundation.org, it will be something else. I thought it better to share the work I have already decided to do.

(Pirate Praveen) #33

@hola , any help in design would be awesome. code for the site is at https://gitlab.com/piratemovin/diasporayatra

(Pablo Cúbico) #34

Hey @praveenarimbrathod I’ll take a look at it!

(Pirate Praveen) #35

@dennisschubert can you create events.diasporafoundation.org and point it to same server as yatra.diasporafoundation.org?

(Flaburgan) #36

@praveenarimbrathod I just checked yatra.dfoun, can you indicate more specifically that this is a campain in India, and that the bitcoin account is not owned by the foundation but by one of you?

Currently it is not clear at all on the website who you are and what’s your relation with the official foundation.

(Akshay) #37

Hi, I’ve added a subtitle at http://yatra.diasporafoundation.org/#fundraising
and a couple of sentences at http://yatra.diasporafoundation.org/#about suggesting that we are different from Diaspora Foundation. I hope they are obvious enough.

(Camil) #38

@praveenarimbrathod @akshay @balasankarchelamat Congrats for making the website look astonishing! Whether you realise it or not, this is the BEST good-looking diaspora* promotion platform so far. I’m really happy that you guys were able to do it with few resources! I could see that you have an events section on the webpage, which is very practical and people will find it easy to see what’s popping around (hopefully the #events feature will be available soon on diaspora* as well, I got crazy by seeing so many requests on that!).

My personal suggestions about making the website look even more awesome:

  1. India is one of the most beautiful countries. Why not take some pictures and upload them on a dedicated section of the page, linked with the Indian diaspora* community? That could make a huge impact in many ways!

  2. Create English blog entries with updates, wanted features, friendly / popular pictures of the diaspora* community and feed them into the [planet][https://planet.diasporafoundation.org/], the planet is barely known and we need to encourage people to write! Let’s get out from our bubble and share!

  3. Place a widget to show that you’re alive (not that you’re not alive, but just to make people more interested in what you’re doing) :slight_smile: - like: traffic, maps, “what we’re doing right now”, “where you are and where we are” - these are pure examples of how you could make things cooler.

Hope it helps, good luck with everything!

(Balasankar C) #39

@camil Thanks for the suggestions… We will try to include them also. :slight_smile:

(Flaburgan) #40

@akshay that’s already better :slight_smile: Maybe also add “in India” to the title “Diaspora Yatra is a campaign to promote diaspora and privacy in digital communications in India.”