Diaspora Yatra

(Pirate Praveen) #41

I just had a chat with @dennisschubert and here is the update. We’ll use events.pirates.org.in for Diaspora Yatra. He will setup an events management service soon on servers managed by the core team.

(Akshay) #42

Hey @goob @jasonrobinson @camil etc. I’ve written something about week 1 of diaspora yatra with the intention of making it a post on diaspora blog (or planet). Here is it:

Diaspora Yatra - Week 1 Review

A historic perspective on liberty and power

Diaspora Yatra, a campaign in India to promote diaspora* and to attain self reliance in communication technology, completes its first week today.

‘Yatra’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘journey’. Diaspora Yatra, launched by the Indian Pirates with eight partner organizations, has already covered four districts in the Southern Indian state of Kerala. Pirate Praveen, who recently created a one step installer for diaspora on debian, is a key player in this campaign engaging in constructive discussions about diaspora with people from all wakes of life.

Diaspora Yatra is turning into a live experiment on what the concepts of freedom, decentralization, and privacy means to different sections of the society.

While the techie adults in Technopark, Trivandrum where the campaign was flagged off were opiniate about security issues in decentralized networks and its trade off with privacy, the young students of Anchal West School, Kollam were more worried about keeping unwanted eyes away from their private affairs.

After being forced to think of how “free” services provided by other social networks are economically feasible for their providers, the teachers at Badhiriya Bachelor of Education Training Centre, Kannanallore were confused whom to trust. But the kids of Mar Baselias school, Kaithakode were receptive and eager.

The working class who were assembled at Government SNDP Higher Secondary School, were quicker to explore diaspora, encryption, and related applications. So were the students of Mar Thoma college, Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta who also were interested in the legal issues involved in using diaspora. The lawyers of bar association, Alappuzha went a step ahead and talked about whether podmins should scrutinize the content published on their pods and about the jurisdiction of pods.

It must be more than a coincidence that every kind of person has a say about how diaspora* should be, moments after they come to know about it for the first time. Maybe there is an unsatiated craving for freedom and individuality in these minds. And that is exactly the hunger that the Diaspora Yatra team intends to sate.

Can you tell me how to proceed?

(Jason Robinson) #43

I like the post and if no one objects, can add it to the blog for review?

(Akshay) #44

I guess nobody is objecting :stuck_out_tongue:

(goob) #45

Wasn’t events.diasporafoundation.org created for this purpose (see vote upthread)? And there’s already yatra.diasporafoundation.org.

I think it might be better to put one post on the main blog about the yatra in general, and pointing to these weekly updates on yatra.diasporafoundation.org (or wherever), rather than putting the weekly updates on the main blog.

(Pirate Praveen) #46

@goob events.df.o is for planning events, collecting RSVPs. This post can mention #diasporayatra tag for further updates. I think this post has a good general overview and go to main blog. No need to post every week’s updates there. May be one more can go to main blog once campaign is over.

(Pirate Praveen) #47

And core team wants to manage events.df.o directly as it involves personal data. They promised to set it up for the community soon.

(goob) #48

Thanks, both. It certainly is good to publicise the yatra from the blog. I’ve edited it a bit so it works as a one-off post with a short paragraph at the end encouraging people to check the yatra sub-site or follow the tag. You can see a preview at https://blog.diasporafoundation.org/10 - let me know what you think. Please check the links to make sure I have used the right ones - in-diaspora links are to poddery, as that’s the pod on which the organisers are mostly to be found. Also, Praveen, are you happy with a link to your profile on this blog post?

Is there a fixed end date to the yatra? If so it would be good to mention that, along with the start date.

Once everyone’s happy, I (or Jason) can publish the blog post.

(Pirate Praveen) #49

@goob looks good to me. May be profile link can be changed to poddery.com/u/praveen. Currently we are scheduled to end the campaign by March 6. But it may be extended by a few days if we are able to organize more events than our initial plan.

(Pirate Praveen) #50

@goob it would be nice to add some photos from the campaign

(goob) #51

@praveenarimbrathod do you have links to any photos you’d like to be included?

I’d prefer to use profile links in the form podname.tld/people/guid, as they are more ‘robust’ - someone could append the url suffix to their pod domain to view it in their own pod.

(Pirate Praveen) #52

@goob pick some good photos from #diasporayatra

(Pirate Praveen) #53

@goob searching by diaspora id easier for people than changing URLs. /u/username is easier to remember.

(goob) #54

@goob pick some good photos from #diasporayatra

If you chaps want this on the blog, it would be appropriate for you to search for and suggest photos. I don’t have time to go trawling.

searching by diaspora id easier for people than changing URLs.

In that case we should drop the links entirely. I still believe that /people/guid is better than /u/username. We’re not expecting people to remember the URI - it’s something to help them quickly get to the profile in their browser. If for some reason your name is not appearing in search results in someone’s pod, they will have no way of finding you if all they have is /u/praveen. With /people/guid at least they have a chance.

(Akshay) #55

these look good

(goob) #56

Nice one, thanks. Do we have permission to use both of them? I notice the first one was posted by Rejah Rehim. I did have a little look myself and found this nice one of a speaker surrounded by kids, which Praveen posted, so we know we can use it: https://poddery.com/uploads/images/scaled_full_f333223ecad58dddf292.jpg

(goob) #57

Have just published - hope ok. https://blog.diasporafoundation.org/10-diaspora-yatra

(Pirate Praveen) #58

Thanks @akshay and @goob

(Pirate Praveen) #59

@goob rejah is also a member of #diasporayatra team, so it should be fine.

(goob) #60

OK, that’s fine. I just didn’t want to post without being sure. I used your other photo of the school in the end. Thanks for all your efforts on this initiative - I find what you’re doing really interesting and inspiring.