Diaspora*, you've been promoted! Congratulations!

Let’s contribute to the promotion of diaspora*! Let’s write below, each of us, the links to the web pages wherein we promoted diaspora*! It can be your twitter account, it can be your facebook account or your own blog. It can be a forum where you posted that diaspora* needs programmers or a link to a .png file that best promotes the diaspora* ideals. It can be whatever you think it works for promoting diaspora*!

P.S. Contribute and your name will appear on this page! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I promote diaspora* on my twitter account (https://twitter.com/CardasCamil) for the Danish people , I also posted on openSUSE forums hoping that someone would help (https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/503362-Help-needed?p=2681698#post2681698). Thank you, diaspora*!

Although a relatively good idea and I admire your enthusiasm, Loomio isn’t really the place for something like this.

Perhaps the Diaspora Forum would be better suited for aggregating information like this.

(which isn’t a shameless plug btw)

Thanks, @rich1 ! Please don’t forget that I’m also promoting Loomio for diasporians :slight_smile: Yes, people can aggregate info on the forum as well, but it’s a good thing to post info on promoting diaspora* here, I think. The Diaspora Awesome Forum is otherwise a wonderful place of promo exchange!

LIke Rich I like your enthusiasm for the project, but I think you’re misunderstanding (and therefore misusing) Loomio. Loomio is for the discussion of future plans for the project, and voting on controversial issues to make decisions for direction. What you’re doing can be done much better (and more appropriately) with public posts in Diaspora itself, or via the message board Rich linked to above.

@goob I will also post in there. BUT the explanation for using Loomio on this purpose is that people can post proposals on the links (that I suggested they might add on their posts in here).

I have promoted Diaspora* on Twitter, facebook, and ello.

@paulbrooks Super! Please share the links on your post, maybe some people can be inspired and do the same! Thank you!



I made this banner and the like, and now stoy working on this idea: http://eligepod.piesnegros.org/
attempt to promote Diaspora in the hispanic world

@juansantiago That’s funny, thank you :wink:
I started a promotion campaign on diaspora*, you can see on THIS post.

I have started to promote Diaspora on my twitter account (https://twitter.com/MrmappyINOF)