Differential scrolling for a post and its comments

When clicking on a post, the screen is divided into 2 columns : on the left is displayed the post itself, whereas on the right are displayed the comments. I think it would be useful to make these two columns independent. That would allow to keep the original post on the screen while scrolling down the comment stream on the right part of the page. It would also be useful when the post is long and you need to refer to it in your comment.

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I agree with this. Shouldn’t that be a GitHub issue instead?

I don’t know. The best way to make proposals for Diaspora* is still not really clear for me…

We already reviewed this and decided not to have separate scrolling for post and comments. See this proposal.

If this idea is again analyzed, only ask that using few means a priority.

Do you have used googleplus? At first GUI googleplus was an identical copy of Diaspora, and worked very well, then have implemented similar ideas tho this, and now g+ is a real disaster.

@gp @globulle I understand that loomio is a good place for the first ideas, here users can participate without development capacity, then GitHub is a workplace for developers and is better than amateurs let work in peace :slight_smile:

@goob : in the link you gave, the links to mockups are dead… It is then complicated to understand the discussion that happened. Too bad!

Replace wiki.diaspora-project.org/wiki/ and wiki.diaspora-project.org/ with wiki.diasporafoundation.org/