Discussions in...diaspora

For the benefit of diaspora users, it is suggested that discussions are made in diaspora and decisions made in loomio

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IMO this is a bad idea, due to the nature of a social network. Most people wouldn’t notice the discussions, because they would disappear too quickly whereas at Loomio you can clearly see all “open” discussions.

Yup, bad idea, because of the way Diaspora works. Loomio was chosen as a platform for community decision-making because it was needed as a platform for community decision-making.

It’s a fair point: dogfooding is a virtue. No fault for using something else in the interim, but surfacing information is doable. There’s even that perfect little poll feature.

I would love to promote Diaspora in e-gov decision-making. Interleaving decisions with vacation/cat pictures might help residents engage (and practice!) more than they do now.

No, please, no. Diaspora is not intended for long discussions and make decisions, it would be almost as bad idea to pretend to make decisions using facebook.

It might be a good idea to promote in Diaspora, discussions are in loomio.

Is it a good idea to create a profile in sam pod to post discussions and invite users prticipate in loomio?

I think this is a great idea, I don’t get where all this “diaspora is not intended for” came from. Of course the best way to represent the community would be to work and actually discuss inside of diaspora. However, I don’t think diaspora is stable enough for such discussions to be effective and democratic.

What if the person that starts the discussion doesn’t make it a public post?

What if launch/create my pod after the discussion was started (and the post doesn’t exist on my pod)?

What if the post doesn’t federate to my pod?

What if some of the comments don’t federate to a lot of pods?

There are just too many things that can go wrong, the above is just a 30 second example, the list is probably bigger :frowning:

I thought “x doesn’t federate” was more a solvable technical failing than an architecture or policy issue. Same with post history on new pods. Public or not reflects the intentions of the poster.

Technical things going wrong does not invalidate innovation and design going right. Look at the Loomio you’re using right now, does it not look almost exactly like Diaspora?

The only reason people don’t use Facebook to make decisions is that Facebook doesn’t find it profitable to let that happen.