Drag-drop photos into status area to upload photo

In addition to pressing the camera button in the status update field, being able to drag and drop a photo in the status area would be a good usability feature.

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I don’t think this needs a loomio discussion, as I’d imagine it’s pretty uncontroversial. Just open an issue on Github (checking first whether there is already an issue open for this), and if someone can find a way to do it and the time to do it, it’ll get done!

This already works if you activate the publisher. That it doesn’t work if the publisher is collapsed could be considered as a bug and would have to be tracked on Github, not here.

That’s interesting, because I tried it earlier and it didn’t work. Testing again now, I see you have to drop the image onto the camera icon. I think it might make it easier to be able to drop it anywhere in the publisher window, and as there’s no way to ‘place’ a photo in a post, it won’t make any difference to the result.

Paul, if you want to create an issue on Github for this, feel free.