Email communications concern

There is a major flaw with how the Diaspora servers are communicating to the end user. Upon signup there needs to be a confirmation email sent out to make sure the identity is accurate.

My husband has an email address that he is always getting signed up for different services that he did not want. So I know about how this can cause issue by one simple character difference.

Had I not truly signed up for this pod network I would have been rather frustrated to find I cannot unsubscribe from the emails without signing in to the network first.

Your email communications must always give the recipient a way to unsubscribe without logging in to your network.

I am not sure if you need to comply with ALL of the Can-Spam regulations. But the opt-out option is a must.


You can take over the account using the password reset function, then close it :slight_smile:

Sure that is a possible work around for someone wanting to put that effort in . A lot of people will also mark it as spam and then you have another issue to deal with credibility. :slight_smile: