Facebook cross-posting

Due to the current situation being that it is difficult for pods to get their Facebook apps authorized with Facebook to allow non-app admins to cross-post to Facebook, from the pod, I suggest we do the following:

  • Notify podmins of the situation
  • Change the code so that podmins have to specifically set the app as “approved_for” in settings. This setting would indicate 3 possibilities: 1) not enabled for anyone (default), 2) enabled for all (= cross post available to everybody) and 3) enabled for single user (= admin of facebook app, username here).

This would allow the flexibility of keeping the facebook cross-post enabled as a feature for pod admins without having to seek approval from Facebook, allow full cross-post to everyone in the miraculous case someone gets approved. Having to specifically set it would fix the invalid situation we have currently where many pods have a facebook cross-post which in reality only works for the podmin (like my pod).

Opinions? If no one objects, I’ll post the following message to podmins and start writing the patch.

Important note to podmins regarding Facebook cross-posting

Due to recent changes in the Facebook API [url], cross-posting to Facebook from diaspora requires additional permissions for the pod Facebook account, and these permissions require additional steps for podmins to get approval from Facebook.

This has caused a problem where many pods at the moment have the Facebook cross-posting functionality active, but in reality it only works for the admin of the Facebook application. To fix this issue, we will introduce a setting that will require podmins to specifically indicate whether the Facebook app has full permissions or is limited to posting by just the podmin.

More information regarding the issue from here [link to github issue]. For those podmins who have managed to get their app approved on Facebook side, we would welcome notes for other podmins in the wiki [link].

Ps. After writing this I noticed I already wrote about this code change in Github and no one objected since 22 days so will start coding :wink:

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Yes, sounds good.