Feature Discussion: Groups

(David Pflug) #81

With the closing of Google+ coming up, this is going to be a highly requested feature.

(ty kayn) #82

thanks @goob! i will look after that :slight_smile:

indeed, in fact i came around here after someone i know from g+ moved from diaspora and asked me if this feature is available here. he asked that also for mastodon, for which the group feature is not implemented yet.

(Manuel Arno Korfmann) #83



Did you start work on this?

I would like to join in case that is the case.

Kind regards

(ty kayn) #84

hey, i wanted to work on this but cant manage to have a few minutes to understand the stack.
i got some answers from the core devs of mastodon that there is no import design done.
you can import what you exported from your mastodon account because it is in a format of activitypub. but i didnt find where it manages that. plus it is written in ruby and i didnt do anything in ruby, just php/symfony for backend stuff.

same about diaspora, didnt check how i can handle import and talk to databases.
if you have clues i take it :smiley:


Hello all diaspora* enthusiasts :slight_smile: I’m also interested in a group feature. I would be happy to contribute documentation and testing.


Hello @tykayn :slight_smile: Have you tried search those?

I’m not a developer. I’m happy to contribute testing and documentation though.


@tykayn :slight_smile: If you are more familiar with PHP. You might also be interested in Friendica at https://friendi.ca/resources/contribute/

Friendica is able to both read and publish to diaspora* and others. Like diaspora*, Friendica is open source and owned by a friendly community, not a for-profit corporation. diaspora* and Friendica complete and collaborate with each other. Friendica is not a meant as a replacement for diaspora*.

Read more at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friendica