Fee Based Membership Pod?

I am a visionary author and teacher and I have tons getting away for free as well as world class friends and I want OFF FB…can I raise funds by charging a monthly fee? Is that allowed? I have doctoral level education in Transformative Learning and Change and have taught a lot online. I am sure I can manage and assume I can link it to my current site: https//www.living-co-creatively.com.

This will be a leading edge community interested in co-creation of well-being.


Absolutely, you are!
There is very few reason to choose a pod that raises a fund of you, but you may do so. Many pods raise money based on donations.

It’s only… I think there is no technological support within diaspora* to do so. So you would have to take care by yourself to monitor who has payed and who hasn’t and you’d have to think about what to do with accounts which ain’t paying anymore.

Plus: If you do any changes to diaspora* to get your payment system run, you have to publish your changed version of diaspora* according to the AGPL

Many thanks. I get it. I will be responsible for charging a fee and managing. Does using the foundation give me any kind of non-profit status? I do not want donations; I want fees.

Other questions:

Are there geeks here that will help develop a unique pod for reasonable pay?

Lastly, I have a well-hosted secure site. Will I incur any cost and will the pod also have your security?

Many thanks,