Fixing Federation

(Flaburgan) #21

@rich1 I guess if you write a patch nobody will reject it :wink:

(Christopher Allan Webber) #22

Hello all! Chris Webber of MediaGoblin here.

I would highly, highly recommend that if you’re interested in fixing Diaspora’s federation that you join the W3C social working group:

We are entering the stage where federation protocols are being discussed. I know that I really, really would love MediaGoblin to work with Diaspora… as well as GNU Social, etc!

There will probably never be another opportunity like this again. Please, please get someone from Diaspora development involved in the group! We could really use your input!

Let’s assemble get our network freedom rebel alliance federating together!

([deactivated account]) #23

Ok, so I’m not sure of the processes here. What’s the next step now? How do we go about taking this out of Loomio and in to reality?

Do I need to post something on github to make the developers aware that this needs doing?

(Flaburgan) #24

@rich1 honestly, about the federation, the first step is to refactor the code to use @florianstaudacher 's gem, see #5114.

But this is a big work, so maybe you can open an issue “add possibility to configure number of retries” or something like that.