Forgotten password

I forgot my password to Diaspora*, but (I signed up to Diaspora* using Riresup’s mail servers) seems it does not support the kind of messages Diaspora* sends to the user in order to reset his/her password: the phrase “Reset my password” inside the message is plain text and not an HTML link… How will it be to reset my password in Diaspora*…? Is there something I can request from Riseup people…? Or is it possible for you to reset my whole account, preserving all my existing content in it, so I will re-sign up with a more compatible email address…?


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Really if you can recover the pass of diaspora with riseup , if you do it through a web client: the example is with IMP Webmail as is normaly i,m use : there is a link to see the mail received with the correct codificacón , looking at attached capture and understand.

The second option ( highly recommended) : use a mail client like thunderbird and completely forget about these problems , find a more pleasant and functional way to use riseup :slight_smile:

This is a support issue for riseup, probably shouldn’t have been posted on Loomio.

@Rich You’re probably right, but I think it’s best not to let users abandoned.

I have not found a forum that can support users in English, (this not work and i,m will not be promoting a google group if my life is,not in danger.

yes I know a Spanish forum

It would not be good companions riseup tell: : it is a question for Diaspora.

I think it is bad thing to capture users, not give good support, and use they as ping-pong ball

nice. I as well like Riseup. thanks for reaching out and help solving @juansantiago . And thanks @rich1 for keeping us on our toes about what where going to use this crowd funded winning program for.