[FR/EN] Does my pod communicate well with others?

Hello Podmins,

My pod #dicespora.net has been working for a month now. I still have a few things to do, but above all I would like my Pod to communicate properly and I feel that this is not the case.

For example when I am on #framasphere and in the search bar I put a hashtag like #debian, immediately I have lots of proposals that appear (#debian-es, #debian-fr, #debian, etc.) while on my Pod I have no proposal that appears.

Can you help me please or explain me what is the soucy with my Pod ?

Thanks a lot friends ^^

Salut les Podmins,

Mon pod #dicespora.net fonctionne depuis maintenant un mois. Il me reste encore quelques bricoles à faire mais j’aimerais avant tout que mon Pod dialogue correctement et j’ai l’impression que ce n’est pas le cas.

Par exemple quand je suis sur #framasphere et que dans la barre de recherche je mets un hastag comme #debian, aussitôt j’ai plein de propositions qui apparaissent (#debian-es, #debian-fr, #debian, etc) alors que sur mon Pod je n’ai aucune proposition qui apparait.

Merci pour votre aide :slight_smile:


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The podmin FAQ hints this a bit at https://wiki.diasporafoundation.org/FAQ_for_pod_maintainers#Followed_tags_don.27t_work_on_my_pod

There is no synchronization in diaspora*. This means your pod only knows about posts it has received for a purpose. These purposes are, of course: the author is local, someone on your pod is following the post’s author, or the post’s author is following someone on your pod. Another reason is that the post got reshared by someone whom one of the users on your pod follows. Tags are not federated to all pods: the #Followed Tags stream displays only posts your pod knows about through one of the previous scenarios.

So the tag names too are just “discovered” by parsing the posts your pod received, there’s no explicit list of tags that is synchronized or so. And of course the posts after searching for a tag too are only those your pod received for another reason.

You might also want to take a look at the relay section of your config/diaspora.yml file.

Enabling it can make your pod receive more posts from other pods, but please note that it can increase a lot the size of your pod’s database.

Your pod only shows posts, tags and users it knows about - which means it imported them into its database. Initially any pod contains only its own posts and users.

There are two ways to get more posts.

  1. Set up relay in diaspora.yml and register your pod at http://the-federation.info and http://podupti.me - and after a while you’ll start getting some public posts based on tags you follow or just everything.

  2. Connect to people from various pods. You will get their posts and other users on your pod will get them too. When a pod is large enough, it has connections to almost all other pods on the network. If you are running private pod with just a few people this doesn’t happen until you get enough friends yourself.

Just remember that most posts come to your pod either because you follow the author or the author follows you. So follow people :slight_smile:

And yes, note that DB will start to grow as your pod gets more posts.