Groups and groupies

I talked on your IRC channel about the groups feature and why we need it. It’s simple: people like me, activists, need a non-corporate social network where they can debate, organize, and create activities. Some of you told me it would be hard to implement because of “spammers” that would create the groups and produce mess. I told him that we could avoid this by having enabled the option “Send a group approval email to the podadmin”. Easy peasy. Please, it’s important for us, activists, that we have discussion groups on diaspora*! I can’t invite my friends and make them stay unless we find a way to develop this! Pirate Praveen told me he is working on the groups feature, but we need to think this over. Thank you for being helpful!

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@jonnehass you can see that I already posted on those ones. But we need to discuss it from a different perspective.

I agree, it’s really important to have the possibility to create groups. We as activists need such a feature. Hopefully we will manage to create it. I also find it difficult to convince my friends to switch from fb to D*.

@alex0 YES! Let’s encourage people to contribute, let’s spread the word when and where we can! If the core developers still ignore people’s requests, we’ll gather ourselves and start a funding campaign, find benevolent programmers (there are good guys all over the world) and make diaspora* more popular! Fortunately people like @Perig Gouanvic support the promotion of diaspora* and we’ll contribute together to the extension of the community…and who knows, maybe in the future we’ll set up a pod dedicated to activists :wink: Be well!