GSoC 2015

(Augier) #21

@hrishikeshakastult : Thank you for the tip. So, in this case, I think I ca apply for the GSoC if the mentors @dumitruursu and @jasonrobinson accepts me ! :smiley:

(Jason Robinson) #22

@augier what about mentoring instead? :wink:

(Augier) #23

I don’t think I know d* enough to be a mentor :stuck_out_tongue:
And I don’t think it is paid the same :smiley:

(Jason Robinson) #24

@augier if you just want to get paid then you can code for any project :wink: You already contribute to diaspora* and as such what would be the benefit to the project in having you as our student? :wink:

(Augier) #25

It’s not only being paid. It will be no different than when I usually contribute except I might take 2 or 3 weeks of holiday to work on this and I will be paid to do what I love :wink:

But if it causes trouble, I won’t do it, it is no problem to me :wink:

(Flaburgan) #26

I’ll have a look at the wiki page and try to complete it.

(Jason Robinson) #27

@flaburgan what about mentoring? Find 2-3 tasks you’d be fine with mentoring and add yourself as a possible mentor? :slight_smile:

(Dumitru Ursu) #28

I just received an email - it seems that we haven’t been accepted :frowning: We should ask this Friday why is that so (on #gsoc), and how can we improve our application for the next year.

(Jason Robinson) #29

It’s a shame but I’m kinda not too surprised. Our application was done in a rush, had only two people linked to it (= not enough mentors) and our issue list wasn’t very well constructed (= made in a rush).

Next year lets do a proper job. Calendar event set for next Autumn to start calling out to mentors :slight_smile:

Thanks @dumitruursu and @augier for help on this application!

(Flaburgan) #30

This GSoC is special. Mozilla was not selected too!

(Augier) #31

Wut ?

(StultuS) #32

so is Tor and Linux - both rejected

(Akash Agrawall) #33

Even google-melange didn’t apply this time since the number of organizations to be selected were very less.

(Jason Robinson) #34

This is going OT, but I don’t really see the fuss. It’s a thing by Google, with money from Google - they should be able to decide who they want in. People are complaining like Google has responsibility towards the whole open source community or something :wink:

(Augier) #35

Well, in some way, they are. Google has built a great part of its empire on FOSS technologies.

(Akash Agrawall) #36

Did anyone go to the session in #gsoc in which they were supposed to give feedback?

(Dumitru Ursu) #37

unfortunately I didn’t have time for it. They said that questions could also be asked here: ospoteam at

(Akash Agrawall) #38

@dumitruursu Okay. IMHO, I think we should go ahead and ask them. If diaspora will participate next year then we can get a heads-up about what was missing this year.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

(Dumitru Ursu) #39

ok, I’ll send a mail now.

(Dumitru Ursu) #40

The main problem was the idea page, it wasn’t not good enough - we need longer, more complete descriptions.
Here is what Carol told us to follow:

Carol is a Google representative. I will publish the email if I get her permision.