Hello I`m new and I need Help

Hello Im really new here and I dont know what I can do here how i can finde friends and communitys. Its possible to Change the language in german? and when yes, how? ^^ My English is not soo good, so be mercuful if my gramma hurts in the eyes xD

Hi there, and welcome!

Sorry for the confusion here. You’re not on diaspora* itself, but on the project’s discussion forum, where we provide support and talk about future developments of the project. :slight_smile:

diaspora* isn’t just one central thing you can sign up to, but rather a community of many individual servers that all build a large network together. Me saying this might be a bit confusing, so I suggest you to check out this wonderfully written response to a very similar question:

And if you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here to help!

And you could even provide help in German if necessary!

(Thanks for the kind words about the text you quoted, by the way.)