How can diaspora support irights

Digital rights online are important,

As diaspora goes a long way towards being able to protect privacy, and ownership of information, delete posts and give users control, should Diaspora as a whole support this initiative.

.Just a thought,


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Ahem. I’m not sure to understand everything about the website but what I’ve understood is that it’s about children protection. See, there’ll be a fundamental problem: diaspora doesn’t require to give birthdate or age while subscribing and ought not to. So this will be difficult to know who is a child and who is not unless they admit it.

IMHO (this is my own opinion, not officially supported by the comunity), this should not even be the concern of the software and the devs. Protect child when surfing on internet is basically the concern of parents, not the websites.

I agree, however we do seem to go further and tick some of those boxes for ALL users (which is better)

1/ We respect user privacy
2. Ability to delete posts is there
3. I think we also are very open with regard to how user data for ALL users is being used
On number 5, diaspora has opened the door to children and young people in for example Gaza by exposing what is Acutally heppening to them, I think too many mainstream social networks are scared of doing this. Look at pressTV they do some excellent documentaries,

So we are giving people the tools to discuss issues that are somewhat sensitive, in some countries ,

I think going back to number 4, if people want to leave diaspora it is also probably easier to get out and delete all data associated with that user.

We can also report posts that concern us.

So in effect we are taking those rights and extending them further to the whole community and it is ONLY when everyone in a community respects each other that the world will be a better place.

One of the press TV videos is about a street in Iran’s Capital, where Christians, Jews, and Muslims live together, the video makes a point that the Synagog (sorrry about spelling) does not need guards, something that if you listen to western media propaganda isn’t something you would expect.

I think in a way we do ALL that, and if so we could easily say that.

I’m afraid I don’t see how what you’re saying in any way constitutes a proposal for the software or governance of the project that can be voted on - it seems to be a plea for everyone to treat each other nicely.

In any case, while it would be good for children to be able to use the internet without the risk of being exploited by criminals or abusive people (among others), I don’t think that talk of rights of children using the internet is the right approach here. And I don’t see how a decentralised network could support the last three ‘rights’ in any case. Come to think of it, it wouldn’t not be possible for a FOSS project to guarantee that users can know who is holding their data, although they can certainly choose a pod which is open about who owns and administers it.

I just don’t see this as workable within a distributed network run by FOSS software; or even as a genuine proposal in itself.