How can I find the other members of Diaspora?

I’m new on Diaspora. But I see only me on this media.
How can I find other members ?
How can can I read what other members posted ?
When I connect to Diaspora, it looks like there were only one member : me.


Hello Sarah and welcome on diaspora*!

You can search and share with me if you want:

The first thing you can do is to publish a public (not “all aspects”) message with the #newHere tag to introduce yourself.

Then you can search for tags like #photography or #music for example to see other posts and discover people you may want to share with. See to have more infos about diaspora*.


Thank you for you answer.
But could I add the #newHere marker ?


I think I found how to do by adding newHere in my profile.
I posted a presentation of myself.

Hi Sarah,

Can I just confirm that you’re not trying to use this website ( as a social network? This is a forum for discussion about the software that runs the network.

To use the diaspora* social network, you first need to choose and sign up to a ‘pod’ (a server that will host your personal data and enable to you connect with other people across the many pods in the network).

The tutorials series that Flaburgan linked to above explains how to do all this, how to make your first #newhere post and how to find and connect with people.

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I think there is a misunderstanding.
Here I was only asking how to see what other members wrote on Diaspora (the social network).
I let my first post (presentation), as Flaburgan suggested to me here :

Isn’t that fine ?

There is no post visible to me, so it looks like you made your first post limited to only your contacts. For the first post it’s better to make it public so non-contacts can see it too and find you through it.

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I replaced limited by public in my profile ; can you read my post now ?

I can see your profile (the sidebar) now, but posts can’t be changed to public after they were posted. So you would need to create a new public post.

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I deleted it and replaced it by a public one :slight_smile:
Do you see it now ?

Yes, perfect :+1: (I don’t understand the language though :wink: )

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Thank you Benjamin,
Thank you for your help.
You helped me to get my Diaspora driver license - :slight_smile:
See you later


That’s fine – I was just checking that there wasn’t a misunderstanding between Diaspora (social network) and this Discourse forum.
I can see your public post now.

If you click on #newhere in your post, you’ll be taken to the ‘newhere’ tag stream, – you should see a list of other public posts in which people have included that tag.

The best way to see what other people are saying is to start following some #tags of subjects that interest you (maybe #music, #photography, #linux, or #activism … whatever interests you) so that you will see content on those topics in your stream. You can then start following people whose posts you find interesting, by placing them into one of your aspects.

If you have any questions, post something with the #question or #help tag, and people will try to help you. Make sure to make your post public so anyone who can help is able to see it!

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Thank you goob :pray: