How do I start? No lists of pods came up

I signed up easily but then said no results when I tried logging in. I guess I Was logged in from signing up though … Then it said choose a pod. None came up. No lists. I don’t know what that is, never heard of it. I’m lost. There does not seem to be anything to do here. A lot of people want to leave fb & are looking for a home but this is Way to difficult & confusing for the average user. Most are not tech savvy & need to be walked through this process & taken to a playground. Like interests or current news. I guess that’s why it’s been around so long & I never heard of it. It’s hard.

Hi there! Sorry for the confusion - I agree that diaspora* isn’t the easiest thing to get started with. Parts of that issue is caused by us not having enough time to work on everything we want to, but diaspora* is also more complex due to the fact we’re a decentralized network.

I suggest you to check out this wonderfully written response to a very similar question:

And if you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them!