How do we combat spam?

The account has been spamming the comments on Diaspora HQ posts recently. This person (bot, whatever) has one post in their profile, from 4 months ago…which is also spam.

The spam comments end here:

and start here:

7 days ago, and the comments have not been removed yet. This is probably because there is no (easy) way for users to report posts. I think there should be some easy and obvious way to report posts and comments that are spam.

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I agree.

Oh this is going to be fun :wink:

Standard report functionality for statuses/posts, etc. followed up by podmin being able to “lock” or “retract/delete” a user that’s been over-reported.

Report feature would be good, and should also block the reporting user from seeing any posts from the reported account. That way, if there happens to be a lazy podmin out there, users still have a way to circumvent the spam.

… possibly something similar to youtube: “this post is hidden because it has been reported as spam repeatedly” with a configurable setting for the threshold amount of reports

@florianstaudacher I think that’s a really great idea! =)

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Seen this comment on many posts - looks like a spam bot. Anyone know who runs

We really need a report function AND block on person profile (now only possible if person actually posts) :stuck_out_tongue: diaspy and cliaspora already make spamming possible with a little scripting.

@lennartprelle deleted the account, thanks!