How to boost up diaspora?

diaspora is stable and solid, at the expense of a very slow progress.

How to boost up diaspora coding and development ?


For me:
More reviews, more tests, more coders.

And migration of already approved PR’s.

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Are any of these things (reviews maybe?) something non-coders can help with?

@mlo I think you should make more reviews, more coders for this job. It will be wonderful job.

News here

Thanks to @flaburgan

I’ve followed this project for a long time. Stood up a pod probably 6-7 years ago, and shut it down for various reasons. I’m back, and a big part of that is my current disgust with other social platforms. I don’t think i’m alone.

I like what I see in the progress Diaspora has made since the last time I seriously looked at it. I am however quite surprised that there is still no mobile app? I see that this is related to supporting dependencies in the Diaspora code base. I really think that getting on mobile will be a huge win for the popularity of the project. No? And I mean really on mobile, with a fully featured app with notifications, and ease of sharing.

That all being said, I intend to give this a real shot, and stick around. I have a bit of influence that I intend to use to spread the word that Diaspora is still around, and worth looking at.

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There are various apps; there is no officially supported app. Because it’s free software, anyone can use and develop the code, so it’s up to community members to create things like that. The core team decided a number of years ago to focus on making the web-app fully responsive and to make the mobile experience as good as possible, rather than spending a lot of energy trying to maintain apps for various mobile OSs.

It’s good that you’ve returned, full of enthusiasm. Hopefully that will inspire others to use Diaspora, and some of them to help develop it further!

Thanks for the response!

I found later this afternoon that there’s an app that uses the new API that may do exactly what I’m looking for. But my pod doesn’t support the API yet. :P. So I’ll have to decide if I’m upgrading to the dev release or waiting for a supported release. :wink:

There are Android and iOS apps that support the existing stable release (probably mentioned in this forum, if you do a search), but they are all created by community members, or at least third parties, so you’d have to satisfy yourself about their bona fides before installing them. Insporation is at least developed by one of diaspora*'s core developers.

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Yea, the ones ive seen so far are just web views. I can do that in my browser. What I want is a fully featured app. I am willing to wait for that, but I hesitate to invite standard social media users to D* until we have a fully featured app. Average people don’t care about whats under the covers, they don’t care why things are as they are, they don’t care about their own privacy or what it means to own your own social media. They want an icon on their home screen, the ability to share easily, and get pinged when someone liked their cat photo. The web view D* apps that I’ve seen so far, none of them get that integration. If we had that, I think we’d have a chance.

That all being said, I intend to give this a real shot, and stick around. I have a bit of influence that I intend to use to spread the word that Diaspora is still around, and worth looking at.

Hey, I believe that it would be just on time, see that post:


The insporation* App is pretty complete. All Diaspora functions are implemented, even private messages. It is available for Android on on iOS - still not in the official Store, but will when the “eight” is released. It works today with all pods which are running the 0.7.99 version, which are some.

The only drawback, but hard to implement are push notifications. Diaspora is distributed, so this need more work on a backend / broker service that shares the notifications.


diaspora needs a better name. The name diaspora is hard to remember and kinda ugly in my not so humble opinion. I guess it might be hard to change it.

One way to support push could be ntfy.
For fluffychat (matrix client) I have setup my own ntfy Server and fluffychat registers within the ntfy App on your phone.
No need for any google Push Services. You don’t have to host your own server. The author of ntfy provides also one.

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