How To Change Update Frequency

Is it possible for me to change how frequently updates are refreshed? I keep having to refresh my page manually to see notifications for posts and messages. I know they often refresh on their own, but I’d like to set it to do that on a more frequent basis please :slight_smile: <3

I have no idea, but I am dumb enough to guess:

I think it’s the timeout on line 11 in this file: app/assets/javascripts/app/collections/notifications.js if you change the 300000 to 100000 for example it should be updated every 1,5 minutes instead of every 5 minutes I’d guess.


I’ve just seen in another discussion that @flaburgan has changed the default polling frequency in his pod. Let’s ask him to confirm the method.

I assume that because you’re directly changing a file that’s part of the installation rather than making a copy (such as when you copy diaspora.yml.example todiaspora.yml) you’d have to make this change again after each update.

The polling frequency was set to 5 minutes in order to avoid unnecessary load on servers, so it wouldn’t be good to enable individual users to change the polling frequency for their account; there’s no reason, however, why I podmin shouldn’t easily be able to change the frequency, so a setting for this in diaspora.yml sounds like a good proposal to me.

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@deusfigendi is right, you only have to change that line to change the polling time. And yes, it’s probably a good idea to make that configurable in diaspora.yml. I’m also wondering if we should change the default value, 5 minutes seems a bit big, maybe 2 is better from a user point of view. We need to measure the load it represents though, maybe @denschub or @dmorley can tell us as they have big pods?

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Thanks guys! Glad I could find a good reasonable potential change to settings to better support podmins :slight_smile: I’d be interested to see what kind of change on the load of my server would be like if I changed it to something smaller.

On this note, I should probably let everyone know that starting tomorrow I will be taking a two month sabatical to focus on my overall health (many areas), so no social media or major tech at all during that time frame. Hope I can helpful in the time being though :slight_smile:

Notifications don’t cause significant database load, so I don’t think it really matters. We should just keep in mind that polling isn’t a solution for anything realtime, we should employ other techniques for that. :slight_smile:


Can I ask on that note what other techniques you may recommend for this (out of curiosity)?

Either long polling, or WebSockets, if we can build them in a way that doesn’t kill perf and make everything significantly more complicated.

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