How to link to a D* discussion in other platforms

I am a bit uncertain on how to link to a D* discussion when you are on another platform. This is because of the de-centralized character of D*.
I have my D* account on a pod. I do interact with users on other pods. When i start a discussion, a user on another pod will see my discussion if that user follows me, or follows any hashtag used in my post.

When I watch my topic, it will be located on my pod with the url of my pod. If a user on another pod watches (and comments) the topic, that same topic will have another URL, because the other person is on another pod.

So my question is: how should I link to a D* discussion on another platform (for instance the D* discourse forums) Should I always use the link with my own pod in it or should I link to the original post on the original pod where the discussion started?

There will be support for web+diaspora:// links in the next release and you can use this in the future to link to a diaspora post from outside diaspora. Some pods running the development version already have this feature.

That’s great news. Looking forward to implement that next release on my pod.