Icon buttons instead of text at the bottom of every post

example picture
Picture from Ulf Ayirtahsk Berg (anuvaadya@joindiaspora.com)

as the picture shows, the automatic text replacement is not ideal. using the Icons here as well will make a familiar and consistent look for both mobile and web Page.

in german, i dont speak english very well

Wie das Bild zeigt, stört der automatische Textaustausch. Auch hier die Icons zu verwenden, sorgt für ein gewohntes und einheitlicheres Design auf Web und mobiler Seite.

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Proposal: icon buttons instant of text at the bottom of every post

Outcome: N/A


  • Yes: 9
  • Abstain: 3
  • No: 1
  • Block: 0

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I usually reshare something and like it afterwards … so I never run into that problem. :wink:

Using only the icons will make the clickable area very small. The text should still be there, the icon might be added if that looks good. But instead of replacing the text, A better way would be to find a way to avoid repositioning of the links using CSS.

Maybe switching the text from “Do Not Like” to “Unlike” would be solve the issue in the figure?

@theworldbright The text is already “Unlike”. I don’t know where @alex1702 got that screenshot…

It is a example. In other language is that problem anyway. The picture is from Ulf Ayirtahsk Berg (anuvaadya@joindiaspora.com). This discussion shoud be a general consideration.

@faldrian must the symbols direct under the text or could the also under the profil picture? A mouseover button is also possible.

@ravenbird they should be accessible when I scrolled down the post (even if it is very long) and only be one click (no mouseover or context-action).

I can also agree with @lnxwalt, have 2 versions configurable by each user’s profile?

Why don’t we change the text to “unlike” immediately but make the link disabled until the server response has arrived? Pushing that kind of links should have some kind of visual feedback anyways :slight_smile: